Reviewed – F&F True Supersoft Skinny Jeans

This is a bit of a departure for me when it comes to writing review posts. This is because, in nearly four years of blogging, I have only ever once posted a review of a pair of jeans. The reason for this is quite simple – I don’t generally like jeans, and so I don’t really wear them that much.

I find jeans problematic. I have long legs, but a jelly belly. I like my jeans to sit on my waist, or even higher if possible. I’m not a huge fan of boyfriend styles – I don’t think they do anything for curvy girls, and had always opted for bootcut as I believed these were the best jeans to balance out and flatter curves. Finding a great pair of jeans for me had been somewhat elusive.

And this is why I got a little excited when I was asked if I wanted to review something from the new and improved F&F True range of plus size clothing from Tesco. Quite simply put, my favourite pair of jeans of all time came from Tesco (you can read that review here), and the new F&F collection has quite a few pairs of jeans that instantly took my eye. I had no hesitation in choosing a pair for review.

F&F True Supersoft Plus Size Skinny Jeans £14 click to visit F&F

F&F True Supersoft Plus Size Skinny Jeans £14 click to visit F&F

The jeans I chose were the F&F Triw Supersoft plus size skinny jeans in classic blue. I liked these from the picture, the blue was a nice dark indigo shade, and I liked the fact that they sat upon the waist. I was also drawn to the fact they were both soft and stretchy – I’ve never worn skinnies and was just a little worried about getting them on easily…


Jeans F&F
Top Warehouse
Lace Jacket TU (similar here)
Shoes George at Asda
Necklace Primark

DSCN6288These jeans are really impressive, and an absolute bargain for just £14. They sit nicely on the waist, and are totally easy to get on and off (phew!). The length of the leg was perfect for me, sitting neatly on the ankles and so allowing me to wear flat pumps without treading on the leg. These are comfortable, stretchy skinny jeans, but not drainpipes, and I think they are quite leg lengthening – always a bonus!

The stretch makes these really comfortable, and also practical – I spend a lot of time playing on the floor with my five year old son, so I don’t want jeans that are stiff, or dig into my waist. I also love the fact that the indigo is as rich and dark as it appeared on the website. I think dark denim are a smart choice that can take you from day to night wear. These jeans are versatile enough to be teamed with heels for drinks at the pub, as well as wearing for a shopping trip.

I have been really impressed with my first piece from the new F&F True collection. Next up, I will be reviewing a dress from the range.



Creating your child’s perfect bedroom

A question – do you have children? Yes? Another question – when was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? For many parents, me included, a good night’s sleep is that elusive beast that is very much dependent on whether your child sleeps well. So many children find it difficult to sleep the night in their own bed, making their way into yours once, twice, sometimes three times in a night. What to do about it?

A good way to help children stay in their own rooms is to create the perfect bedroom space. Making the bedroom somewhere where they want to spend their time is really important, and can aid a good night’s sleep. Here are a few essentials that can help create a perfect little hideaway for your child.

The bed

Children’s beds can be a minefield. Do you have a full-sized bed, or a mini child’s bed that only lasts for a few years and then needs changing again? What about if your child shares a room? I think the perfect answer lies in bunk beds. Bunk beds save space for children who have to share their bedroom, leaving plenty of room to play. But they are also great for those lucky enough to have their own room. Friends can have a sleepover, mom or dad can take a bunk if children are ill, and for really young children it leaves a space for teddy to sleep, making them feel less alone.

Add some light

Many children have a real fear of the dark, so a child friendly night-light is an absolute must.  The best sort are the ones that a child can control themselves, the soft push button ones are perfect. Ikea do a range where the button glows even when the lamp is unlit, meaning the child can have control of the light. There are also Disney character and animal designs that are very comforting and familiar to children.

Choose that bed quilt carefully

A cautionary tale. My son was absolutely crazy on Fireman Sam last year, so much that he had every single toy for Christmas. He also had the duvet for his bed. His fixation on Sam lasted around four months – he no longer likes or watches Sam now, and refuses to sleep in the bed, wanting Postman Pat instead.

When choosing a duvet, try to avoid that whole character theme if possible. Children are very fickle and quickly move onto another TV programme/film. Instead try to be broad in your choices; a general pirate theme will have more longevity  than ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Similarly, something like Hello Kitty seems to appeal to both little girls, and much bigger girls, so is a fairly safe choice.

These are just a few ideas to help your child see their room as their own haven, and thus the perfect place to get a good night’s sleep, which may just aid your sleep too!

#XmasSavingTips Challenge with BritMums – My tips

Phones are just totally indispensible come Christmas time (I know, anytime really) but at Christmas time they just come into their own. Just this week I’ve used to my phone to plan a birthday party for my little boy. Facebook all the invites, text my best friend to arrange a pre-christmas drink, and ordered a few extra pressies online. Indeed, whatever did we do before we had our phones?

Tesco Mobile currently have some special December offers that make them a great choice for families. This Christmas they are offering families some of the best deals on handsets and tariffs. Most notably the Samsung Galaxy Ace – available for £12.50 a month including 500 free minutes, 5000 texts and 500 MB of data. Or there is the classic BlackBerry Curve 9320 –  available on pay as you go for £125.

So why go with Tesco?

  •  You can control your mobile spending with their capped tariff: This means that family members can’t use any more than their allocated monthly minutes, texts and data and you don’t end up with any nasty surprises on the bill at the end of the month. Perfect if you are buying the phone for a teenager who spends all their time on the phone to the person who lives next door…
  • With two or more contracts you get extra perks with the Tesco Mobile Family perks offer – this means you can add all your family handsets onto one single bill and each member can choose from a selection of extra perks each month such as free texts, minutes or data.
  • What’s more, if you’re a Tesco Clubcard customer, you’ll get triple points for every £1 you spend at Tesco Mobile, meaning your calls can be buying you that new dress you’ve had your eye on for ages.

More tips to save money

Saving money on your mobile is just one way to look after those pennies this year. Here are a few more tips that I have been personally using throughout the year.

1. Use price comparison websites like Kelkoo before you purchase an item. I saved £13 this way buying Rocky the Robot truck for my little boy, getting it at Boots for £51, when I’d originally seen in on another website for £64. Once you’ve found the best price, go through Quidco to buy your item and you can then get cashback from hundreds of retailers.

2. Look for 3 for 2 offers. Most stores offer these, Laura Ashley, Boots and Debenhams are just some of the stores that have offered these on various products, from Christmas decorations to toiletry sets. The Boots offer has been great this year for buying presents for my sons teachers – he has three of them!

3. Collect your store card points throughout the year. Nectar points, Boots advantage card points and Tesco Clubcard points can be collected throughout the year and then used to buy presents and provisions over the Christmas period.

4. Voucher Code sites are an invaluable way to make a saving on fashion, fragrance and accessories. You can find all sorts of money off codes and codes that offer free post and packaging. It is also worth signing up to email alerts from your favourite retailers, these will let you know about savings, early alerts about sales etc.

5. Shop the sales. This is more a tip for next year, but buy wrapping paper, tags, cards and any additional decorations when the sales start, and then put them somewhere safe for the next year. You will save an absolute fortune.

This post is part of the BritMums #XmasSavingTips Challenge, sponsored by Tesco Mobile.