A night of Beauty with Elemis and Debenhams

A special night of beauty demonstrations and the opportunity to try lots of products is not something to turn down, especially if it is being hosted by one of your favourite brands. This is what I experienced last Thursday when Debenhams Bullring organised a night of skincare fun with Elemis.

I must admit that I was already a huge fan of Elemis before the event, I love their Pro Collagen Marine Cream, the Cleansing balm, and all their bath products, particularly the Milk Bath. But learning how to use the products as part of a complete weekly routine was a brilliant opportunity, and getting chance to try new products at the same time was also a fab experience – a real try before you buy chance that we don’t often get.

DSCN8187The first thing we did on the evening (after a glass of wine and nibbles) was write down our current skin routine. I do cleanse, tone and moisturise daily, but often miss things like eye cream. I also use a face scrub/exfoliator weekly, but no longer use a deep cleansing mask – time constraints unfortunately. The programme that we were shown (and tried) was a weekly programme that involved all of these steps. By the end of it, my skin felt amazing.

We delved straight into a weekly skincare routine. It was rather hilarious, we all put on a headband and neckcloth that made the room resemble the cast of ‘Sister Act’ and caused lots of giggles. It was all very girly – there was a real atmosphere of Girls Night In that only lacked Chaka Khan ‘I’m Every Woman’ in the background with us all singing into hairbrushes!


First we looked at cleansing. I already use the Pro-Collagen Cleansing balm which I totally love, so I tried the Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser. I must admit that I still prefer the Cleansing balm – this is a personal preference, it feels lighter on my skin than the cream cleanser which is a much deeper cleanse. However, the cream cleanser did leave my skin feeling very clean, and despite the thicker consistency, it was soaked up by the skin surprisingly quickly.

Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser £29 click to visit Debenhams

Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser £29 click to visit Debenhams


Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 100ml £39.50 click to visit Debenhams

Next we moved onto toner. This seems to be a step that everyone feels is less important, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Toner is needed every time water is used on the face, it rehydrates and nourishes the skin. I tried the Rehyrating Ginseng Toner, which not only smells amazing, but makes the skin feel alive and refreshed. I was interested in the tip to use cotton wool to apply the toner, I have often just sprayed it on and then left it.

Rehydrating Ginseng Toner 200ml £22 click to visit Debenhams

Rehydrating Ginseng Toner 200ml £22 click to visit Debenhams

We then looked at some of the things that can be added to a skincare routine each week, a facial scrub and a cleansing mask. I tried both of these items, particularly loving the Herbal Lavender Repair mask, which is great if you are suffering from blemishes, or if you have combination skin.

Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 75ml £29 click to visit Debenhams

Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 75ml £29 click to visit Debenhams

The final steps in the fun and illuminating evening were the one that most of us remember, and the one that most of us forget. Eye Cream is something that we all need to think about if we are trying to abate the signs of aging, but I must admit that I rarely bother with it now, even though it was once a step I followed religiously. The Absolute Eye Serum is a real hero product, and the one thing I will definitely be adding to my daily routine.

Absolute Eye Serum 15ml £29 click to visit Debenhams

Absolute Eye Serum 15ml £29 click to visit Debenhams

And, of course, we finished with moisturiser. This being Elemis, there was only really one choice, the award-winning, huge selling Pro Collagen Marine Cream. This is something I already use and dearly love, and I believe many other people in the room will now be converted.


Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 50ml £80 click to visit Debenhams

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 50ml £80 click to visit Debenhams

I left with a fabulous goodie bag filled with Elemis Products and skin that felt super soft and revitalised. Elemis products are just fantastic, and currently Debenhams has a great offer where you get a free gift with two purchases from the Elemis range (one of which must be skincare.) Click here to view the offer.

With thanks to Kim Stephens, Elemis and Debenhams Birmingham for a fabulous night.

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Mollie King is the star of Bullring The Show: 10 – check out her style

In less than two weeks The Bullring, Birmingham, continues its 10th Birthday celebrations with a very special fashion show. Bullring The Show:10 promises to be the biggest, glitziest and most exciting show the centre has ever staged, and to add star quality and glamour, Bullring has roped in one of the most beautiful and stylish ladies in pop as the presenter of all the shows on Saturday 28th September.

Yes, the gloriously beautiful Miss Mollie King from ‘The Saturdays’  is on her way to Birmingham. Following in the footsteps of last year’s great host Lydia Bright, Mollie will be bringing her brand of glamour to the Birmingham stage. She is also bringing the rest of ‘The Saturdays’ with her for a very special performance for the Saturday  7.00pm finale.

I think Mollie is the perfect choice for a show that celebrates the cream of High Street names, for she is a lady who has shown her style credentials in a range of High Street looks. Reiss, Oasis, Warehouse and Topshop have all been worn by Mollie to great effect, and she is also a fan of Kurt Geiger and Moda in Pelle shoes. This does not mean that she avoids designer wear, on the contrary she has worn designs by the likes of Preen to much acclaim, but Mollie clearly shows just how good high street fashion can look.

Mollie in Topshop and ASOS

Mollie wears Oasis

Mollie wears Reiss

Mollie in Reiss

Mollie in Reiss

Mollie in M&S

Mollie style – Get the look



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