The Best Corporate Gifts For Working Moms

Finding gifts for working moms can be very tricky. Some working moms have many things they need that they’ve never gotten around to getting for themselves. They’ve been busy working and prioritizing their family’s needs. However, there could also be working moms who just seem to have it all.

On the other hand, when you’re going to be spending a chunk of your business budget on your company’s corporate gifts, you’ll want to ensure those gifts are actually impactful. Don’t just settle for those that make it to the bin right after opening. Make more effort into corporate gifting, for it to achieve all the positive effects corporate gifting is supposed to bring.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be difficult to give serious consideration to your corporate gifts. You can make things easier by teaming up with companies, such as MeowPrint Corporate Gifts. By doing so, you’ll have many options to choose from, and best of all, you can have it customized. 

Here are some of the best corporate gift ideas for working moms. 

  • Bath Bomb Gift Set

Here’s something for that busy mom’s me-time. They may not have all the time in the world to walk into a spa, but they can still relax at home with a bath bomb gift set. This isn’t just going to be a special gift; it’s also one that’s extremely unique.

Meanwhile, how many companies think of gifting bath bombs? Pack this nicely in a box, printed by with a personalized message from your company, and you can now send it out to the recipients.

  • Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum can be quite an expensive item on this list. But it’s worth it if your company has the budget for it. It’s something a working mom will definitely appreciate.

Robot vacuums make cleaning a lot easier for them. On those super busy days of juggling work overtime and taking care of the family, a robot vacuum takes one chore off their list. For some days, that busy working mom can do something else while the robot vacuum does all the work of cleaning.

  • Neck Massager

This might seem like quite an odd gift, but it’s still one worth putting on this list. Working moms need a break, too. They may not be able to go to the massage parlor, but you can bring the massage parlor right there, at their work desk.

Those long hours of work can be made more bearable with a neck massager. At the end of every working day, it’s easy to feel all the tension and pain in the neck from sitting the entire day. Your company can be remembered as one that truly cares for the well-being of your staff with this odd but thoughtful gift.

  • Healing Clay Face Mask

This next item is something more affordable for those companies who still want to do corporate gifting, but are quite limited in the budget department. A healing clay face mask can help working moms feel more confident about how they look.

Yes, it’s not always about how you look. But, let’s face it, working moms have a lot to take care of. They’re hustling in the office and even more so at home. Lack of sleep and rest can have a negative impact on their skin, which, in turn, affects their self-esteem. 

If you can give your staff, suppliers, and other connections in the corporate industry the gift of new-found confidence and self-esteem, why not? A healing clay face mask is an inexpensive gift, but it isn’t any less impactful.

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  • Stress Balls

Stress balls are quite common as corporate gifts, but that’s simply because they’re always a no-fail. Moreover, did you know that stress balls can actually do so much more than simply relieve stress? Regularly using stress balls during those breaks from work can be very effective in strengthening your wrists and hands. 

If you have working moms who do a lot of typing as a part of their job, then stress balls will be a well-accepted gift. These stress busters are perfect to ease any stress they’ve been carrying around with them. They can also help relieve negative tension as they go from one difficult day to the next. 

  • Snack Sacks

Moms always have that very selfless nature in them. In fact, some busy working moms already feel so much guilt from missing out on their kids’ life, because of all those long hours of work. It’s going to make them feel even more guilty to receive something solely for themselves. You can make that type of working mom even happier with a snack sack.

As its name suggests, it’s simply a bag containing small packets of snacks she can actually share with her family. It’s a nice surprise to bring home to make the kids happy. With a snack sack, working moms can enjoy that Friday family movie night without having to worry too much about purchasing snacks. You have it all covered for them.

  • Milk Frother

Another more affordable but out-of-the-box corporate gift idea is a milk frother. With one, they don’t have to run to their favorite coffee shop anymore. Working moms can make their coffee more special with their own milk frother at home.

On the other hand, if what you have is a remote team, then this is a very fitting corporate gift for everyone. Now, they can make their own cappuccino or macchiato in the comfort of their own home.

  • Essential Oils

Lately, there’s been all that buzz about essential oils. Some hate it, while other moms are so smitten by it. If you’re certain that the recipient is going to love it, a box of essential oils is another good gift idea.

Busy working moms can benefit from essential oils in a variety of ways. Given how essential oils can be quite pricey, this one is definitely a treat.

Final Thoughts

Busy working moms will love everything on this list. They’re not just useful; these gift ideas are perhaps something those busy working moms have always needed but just never gave themselves the chance to buy. 

On the other hand, corporate gifting doesn’t have to be plain, ordinary, and predictable with the usual gifts presented by companies. You can stand out when you truly put thought into it. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right corporate gifts, so let the list above make the process smoother.


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