The best way to secure sheds, garages and outbuildings

When installing security measures to protect your home, sheds, garages and outer buildings are often overlooked, making these buildings particularly vulnerable to would-be thieves. Whilst the interior of the home is the primary concern, the contents of exterior buildings can often hold more value than we may initially think – bikes, lawn mowers and DIY tools are all commonly stored outside the home, and unfortunately, a simple lock just isn’t enough to keep intruders out.

Sheds and outbuildings
Outbuildings and sheds are commonly used as an extension of the home and will often contain valuable property, such as gym equipment. However, even if there is nothing of particular value stored in your outbuildings or shed, general tools can be utilised by thieves to break into your house.
Screws and hinges can easily be undone by thieves, and to improve the security of your outbuildings, try fixing several padlocks or lockable bolts along the door frame or a hasp and staple to ensure that the door will not split under force.
It is also important to carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure that your sheds and outbuildings are in good working order – the door, the windows and the walls should be strong and solid with no signs of rot or decay.
For sheds with non-opening windows, welded mesh or bars can be applied to the inside of the window, whilst windows that open should be fitted with an interior lock at the very least. Hanging a net curtain can also ensure that nothing of value is on display.

Just so easy to break into.

Just so easy to break into.

Garage doors can be weak, meaning that additional security will be needed. Approved garage door locking devices, such as a mortise lock and bolt, can be fixed to the top and bottom of the door to prevent thieves from being able to kick the door in or open the hinges.
Doors that connect the garage to the interior of the home can also be vulnerable. Many connecting doors are not made to be secure, and if improvements are not made, the thief will easily be able to enter your home. Professional services can be used to ensure that your connecting door has a strong, sturdy locking system.


Additional security
To further enhance the security of your exterior buildings, small steel storage boxes can be purchased from most DIY stores and fixed to the floor. Alternatively, heavy duty chains can be threaded through tools and bikes and secured to a strong post or wall.
Putting up strong, high fences and even one of those Industrial electric security gates UK properties use around your garden can also make it harden for thieves to access your property. Additionally, placing sheds and outbuildings with doors that are in clear view of your house and/or neighbours can also help to deter intruders.


Lights, alarms and infra-red
If you are storing valuable equipment outside your home, you may want to think about extending your house alarm to exterior buildings. Automatic movement sensitive lights can also be fitted to the front and back of your house as an effective crime prevention measure.
Alternatively, infra-red perimeter beams can prove to be even more of an effective deterrent than an alarm by detecting a thief before they even reach your property. A variety of security equipment is available from most DIY stores as well as professional security suppliers, such as Big Brother Systems.

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