Increase You Home Security With Ring Stick Up Outdoor HD Security Camera

In our current climate we take the security of our homes and families ever more seriously. Most homes now have burglar alarms, but these can be temperamental, and, in some cases, even ignored as nuisance noise. The Ring ‘Stick Up Cam’ is a great solution to how you can keep an eye on your property and keep it safer, whether you are in or out and about.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a wire free outdoor security camera that enables you to not only see people coming up to your front door, but to create a ‘ring of security’ all around your home. You set the motion sensors which pick up movement to suit the size of your home, and they can then pick up any movement, showing you if someone is on your property, both day and night.

The camera is very easy to install. It literally takes 5 minutes from when you have chosen the spot it will live in.  Once it is installed you will need to connect it to your WIFI network and download the Ring app to your phone, you can find this at the Google App store amongst other places. You follow the simple instructions in order to connect the device to your camera and you are all set to go.

The great thing about Ring is that you have so many different options when it comes to mounting your device. We have placed ours on a high external wall to the house that covers our back yard and outhouse – we have a large garden and a shared access which, because our area is semi rural, can be very dark and not well lit at night. However, the camera could also be added to a lower wall, a ceiling, or even placed on a garden wall or table. The camera itself can be mounted two ways – with a quick release mount that works best if you are operating the Camera on the internal battery and therefore need to remove it to charge it (although the battery can last up to a year once fully charged so you will not need to do this often.) The more secure mounting works if you are attaching the USB and charging this way.

The Ring Camera will allow you to see visitors (or intruders) to your home through your phone, and you can also have a 30 day trial of Cloud in order to view saved videos. When your device is triggered, you can talk to the person (maybe you might be asking them to leave a parcel with a neighbour?), but you can also act if you suspect something more sinister, you can also zoom in to see if it is someone you recognise.

The Ring Stick Up Cam can add to your peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home. With its simple instillation, sleek, discreet look and a range of filming and answering options, this is a great way of increasing your family security.

You can currently make a £20 saving on the Ring Stick Up Cam at Maplin, getting the camera for £139.

Home Security Pointers for 2017

Christmas was a shocking time when it came to home security. Two very good friends were both burgled just before the Christmas, in one instance a garage where Christmas presents had been stored was broken into, with all the presents, including expensive go karts and bicycles. In the second instance, burglars entered a home through a kitchen window and took car keys, laptops, mobile phones and gifts. It is hard to believe that anyone could be so cruel as to do this to a family, and especially at that time of year, but it is proof that now, more than ever, we need to look very carefully at our home security.

Fast Keys is a UK company that deals with all aspects of security, from home security to work and office matters. It can deal with anything from cutting new keys and fitting new locks, to sorting out broken or lost car keys.  It can also provide keys for storage cabinets and desk locks, as well as padlocks for outdoor storage.


As we enter a new year it is worth checking your home security. Here are a few pointers for things you can look out for in your home.

Don’t leave your windows vented

It is quite common for people to leave windows vented to let some air in. This is fine if you are home, but you should still ensure windows are closed completely when you leave the house. Burglars only need a very small opening to get into your home – don’t make it easy for them.

Check on all storage spaces outdoors

With many children having new bikes for Christmas, outhouses, sheds and storage boxes all become fair game. Make sure you have good locking systems in place – double padlocks, locks with alarms fitted or locks that work with a code and a keypad all help keep your belongings a little safer.

Have an alarm – use it.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people have alarms systems and then fail to use them. An alarm is a deterrent that means that burglars will think twice about entering a home that has an alarm system. And yes, they can be annoying when they go off, but, like a car alarm, they are just doing their job.

Keep important documents well hidden

A safety deposit style box, a mini safe, or, if you have a home office, a locked filing cabinet. Any one of these should provide a safe and secure place to store important documents like passports, birth certificates and any insurance policies.


Do you have any tips for home security? Would love for you to share them in the comments below.


Sorting your home security for Christmas

You’re already starting to get excited. You’ve seen numerous countdowns on Facebook (how many weeks exactly until Christmas? How many Saturday are there until Christmas Day?). You’ve now started the shopping as you realise it really is going to, once again, creep up on you. You’re planning visits to grotto’s, pantomimes and more grown up, festive nights out. Yes, your Christmas plans are all in order. You’ve got this covered. But have you really? What about your Christmas home security?


It is a sad fact of life that burglaries see a marked increase over the festive period.  Burglaries actually peak in December and early January, with many people who go away for Christmas only realising they have been burgled when they return in the new year. Our homes are filled with all manner of expensive gifts, often placed under Christmas trees and lit up for the whole world to see. In addition, as already mentioned, people spend a long time away from their homes, visiting family and taking Christmas holidays, hence leading to a win-win situation for the burglars.  It really isn’t just The Grinch who stole Christmas.


So, what can you do?

  1. Fit a motion sensor in your home. Panasonic Motion Sensors can help you detect intruders in your home. Costing less than £40, the sensors detect movement in your home when there shouldn’t be any, and can then send an alert to your smart device, can set off a home alarm, or can activate other smart home devices. These are definitely the best technology for families worried about their homes.
  2. If you have an alarm, make sure you set it. So many people have alarms fitted and then don’t actually bother to use them. Set the alarm before you leave the house, and make sure your contact numbers are up to date.
  3. Be careful with vented windows. Leaving windows vented is quite common – letting the fresh air into rooms without actually opening windows fully. But burglars only need an inch to get into a home, so when you are out, shut windows properly.
  4. Don’t put the pressies on display. You might think the presents look beautiful under the tree, but you are openly displaying your wares to burglars. Why not get some fibre-optic gifts to place under the tree, and then put the real presents somewhere out of sight.
  5. Be careful with outdoor lights. If you need to light your outdoor lights from an indoor socket, this may mean you have to leave your window open. An outdoor plug socket may well be a sensible option if you intend to light up your house this Christmas.

Do you have any hints or tips for Christmas Security?