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Increase You Home Security With Ring Stick Up Outdoor HD Security Camera

In our current climate we take the security of our homes and families ever more seriously. Most homes now have burglar alarms, but these can be temperamental, and, in some cases, even ignored as nuisance noise. The Ring ‘Stick Up Cam’ is a great solution to how you can keep an eye on your property and keep it safer, whether you are in or out and about.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a wire free outdoor security camera that enables you to not only see people coming up to your front door, but to create a ‘ring of security’ all around your home. You set the motion sensors which pick up movement to suit the size of your home, and they can then pick up any movement, showing you if someone is on your property, both day and night.

The camera is very easy to install. It literally takes 5 minutes from when you have chosen the spot it will live in.  Once it is installed you will need to connect it to your WIFI network and download the Ring app to your phone, you can find this at the Google App store amongst other places. You follow the simple instructions in order to connect the device to your camera and you are all set to go.

The great thing about Ring is that you have so many different options when it comes to mounting your device. We have placed ours on a high external wall to the house that covers our back yard and outhouse – we have a large garden and a shared access which, because our area is semi rural, can be very dark and not well lit at night. However, the camera could also be added to a lower wall, a ceiling, or even placed on a garden wall or table. The camera itself can be mounted two ways – with a quick release mount that works best if you are operating the Camera on the internal battery and therefore need to remove it to charge it (although the battery can last up to a year once fully charged so you will not need to do this often.) The more secure mounting works if you are attaching the USB and charging this way.

The Ring Camera will allow you to see visitors (or intruders) to your home through your phone, and you can also have a 30 day trial of Cloud in order to view saved videos. When your device is triggered, you can talk to the person (maybe you might be asking them to leave a parcel with a neighbour?), but you can also act if you suspect something more sinister, you can also zoom in to see if it is someone you recognise.

The Ring Stick Up Cam can add to your peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home. With its simple instillation, sleek, discreet look and a range of filming and answering options, this is a great way of increasing your family security.

You can currently make a £20 saving on the Ring Stick Up Cam at Maplin, getting the camera for £139.

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