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The Growth Mindset Workbook From Daddilife

I was a teacher in a primary school for 12 years before the birth of my son, and I can honestly say that the main challenge that I faced as a teacher was not that children were unable to do things, but that they believed they couldn’t do things.  The child’s mindset was often set up to believe that something difficult or new would be a clear failure, rather than a challenge, something that new ideas would beat them, rather than he something that could be overcome one way or another. Changing that view is difficult, but getting pupils to adapt a growth mindset when it comes to school work, challenges and life in general is a great way to do this.

A growth mindset is a change in the way we view life.  It first began to gain traction around 30 years ago, and is now becoming an increasingly popular philosophy in schools.

A growth mindset means that you thrive on challenge, and don’t see failure as a way to describe yourself but as a springboard for growth and developing your abilities. 

Daddilife, who’s popular website and books have proved so crucial to many parents, has been looking at Growth Mindset, and has now produced The Growth Mindset Workbook, which is an essential manual that is perfect for either teachers, or parents, who want to help develop a growth mindset in their children.  The book has been painstakingly developed and researched, with teachers in both the UK and US involved in the project. What we are left with his a brilliant parental resource that will also totally be enjoyed by the children who use it, as it is bright and colourful, packed full of activities that are interesting, but also fairly short, so this can be used as an after school or weekend activity rather than feeling like yet more schoolwork.

The book is organised into sections, and although you could dip in, I would start at the beginning to best develop the mindset you want to achieve. Stories are used to brilliantly illustrate points in an informative, yet none threatening way and really speak at a child’s level, and this is further backed with 60 activities which include pages for colouring in, word searches and activities like the bravery log, which allow children to really blow their own trumpet – something we are often guilty of not doing, we need to be proud of our achievements and celebrate them more.

I love that children are encouraged to assess their own progress through the 7-Day Journal. Here, kids record and witness their own fantastic progress, and are able to see just how they are doing. This enables children to not only see how far they’ve already come, but also to track and plan their next steps. The best learning always comes when children feel they are in charge of their own learning, and when they are having fun, and this book allows both of these facts to be true.

If you have a child between the ages of 6 – 12, I would definitely recommend this brilliant book.

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