The Wolves Panto: A Chat With Doreen Tipton

There are now less than two weeks until the opening of Sleeping Beauty at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, so today I’m bringing you my chat with the inimitable, hilarious Doreen Tipton who is returning to the Grand for the third year. Although Doreen wasn’t very happy about not being able to stay in bed this year (check out this post here if you are not sure what I am talking about) we were still able to chat about what she has coming for the next year, and all about her role in this year’s panto.

Fashion-mommy: Doreen, we meet again. Can you tell me about this year’s character Nurse Doreen?

Doreen: I’m Nurse Doreen, I’ve got a lovely frock, a brand new frock as it’s not the one that was on the original posters. I’m more like a nanny than a nurse really, but I don’t exactly do a good job.

Pictured: Doreen Tipton as Nurse Doreen
Picture by Adam Fradgley

FM: You’ve now completed six sell out theatre tours, what do you put your ever rising popularity down to?

DT:Without being too modest I think it is the quality of the show. People tell me they’ve never loffed (laughed) so much. Someone tweeted to say they had just seen ‘the greatest show of their life.’ It’s a kind of trench humour.

FM: You were voted Midlands personality of the year by What’s On readers. What did you think of that, was it a surprise?

DT: It was a total surprise, especially when you see up I was up against, Julie Walters, Lenny Henry, Beverley Knight. It was tough competition, but I think it shows the affection that people have for the Doreen character.

FM: Tell me about Doreen’s Sunday Morning Lie-in.

DT: It launched on November 4th, and the idea is that you can listen to it in bed. It is edgier than normal radio and is Doreen with her crew, Rosie and Jim (two American robots) and Captain Clint the rescue parrot. You can guess what name he normally answers to…

FM: And then there’s The Tiptons…

DT: Yep, like The Archers, except nothing like The Archers…

FM: Is presenting on radio your dream job? Do you present from your bed?

DT: It is my dream job because I don’t have to get out of bed to do it.

FM: What do you like about panto in Wolverhampton?

DT: Panto in Wolverhampton for Doreen is just wonderful. The people who see the Doreen show come to see her in panto and it is like coming to see a friend. It is lovely in panto.

FM: What ambitions do you have left?

DT: Been asked to be on Britain’s Got Talent, to be fast tracked to go on. I’m thinking of going on with a cat, or maybe a monkey puppet…

Pictured: Doreen Tipton as Nurse Doreen
Picture by Adam Fradgley


Saturday 8 December 2018 – Sunday 13 January 2019

Tickets from £16.50*

Tickets can be booked in person at the theatre, by calling 01902 42 92 12 or online at



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