Tips For Babies With Eczema

There can be many reasons why your baby suffers with Eczema flare ups. For many babies the flare ups can be as a result of using something that has irritated the skin – a perfumed lotion or talc, or some sort of soap. For other babies, Eczema can go hand in hand with food allergies, in particular milk allergies. Pollen can also lead to flare ups. Whatever the reason behind flare ups, Eczema is a painful condition in the very young, and one that is often made worse when the little one scratches, a situation that can be pretty hard to avoid.

If you are the parent of a very young child with Eczema, there are some things you can do to make the situation a little easier.

  • Watch what you are washing baby with. It is tempted to use those lovely scented baby products, but you could be doing more harm than good. Aim for the unscented and hypo allergenic when it comes to washes, wipes and lotions. These have less chance of irritating young baby skin.
  • You also need to think about what you are washing babies clothes in. Look for labels that mention that they are non bio and gentle (Fairy is an obvious choice) and unscented. You should also wash babies clothes separately rather than as part of a family wash.
  • Clothing is really important when a baby has Eczema. On thing which is well worth a purchase is the cardigan/gloves product from Scratchsleeves. This is an ingenious product that acts as both a cover for the skin and a protectant to stop baby scratching and exacerbating the situation. The cardigan design ensures that ScratchSleeves stay firmly in place while still being quick and easy to put on. The mitts are natural silk and protect delicate skin from even the most vigorous scratching while the loose fitting and 100% stretch cotton sleeves ensure babies and kids stay cool and comfortable.

  • In terms of other clothing, aim for natural fabrics like cotton, silk and hemp. It needs to be as smooth as possible so avoiding lots of seams which may irritate. Generally look for fabrics that are soft, smooth and breathable.
  • Make bath time brief. Bath time is good, but best if it is short and sweet. Use a moisturiser after bath time, and pat baby dry rather than towelling.

Mainly babies actually grow out of Eczema, so this may be something that will become a distant memory, but if you follow the guide and watch your fragrances you can hopefully keep baby as comfortable as possible.

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