Introducing Toni Thornton Art

Many of us use art as a way to brighten and decorate our homes. It shows people something about us, about our tastes and choices, can show if we are traditional, or more avant garde in what we like, and of course it is something that can add colour and style to our homes. Most art work displayed in homes is picked up in fairly generic places – Ikea, the homewares section of DIY shops and places like Home Bargains. But Art is something that is definitely worth investing in, and the work of Toni Thornton is both eye catching and beautiful.

Toni Thornton is a young British artist who is using the power of Instagram to showcase her work. She launched Toni Thornton Art in 2017 after studying Art through Leeds Arts University and the University of Huddersfield, and has used the business as a way of getting her art to the masses in a range of mediums, from art prints to bespoke pieces, and also through her use of textiles (she is a qualified teacher of Art and Textiles at Secondary level.) She has designed many pieces for specific homes, using the home and decor as an inspiration in order to create something vibrant, new and unique for her customers.

Toni’s pieces are abstract, as well as being inspired by the setting they will live in, she also takes inspiration from nature and landscapes, including bays, flowers and rural land. This is art work as perception, different people will see different things when they look at the painting, making it multi layered and constantly changing.

Toni creates her work as both bespoke and unique, but also in the form of prints which are limited to 100 pieces, making them limited edition. I also absolutely love the work being displayed as a luxury cushion cover, hand finished and with exquisite piping detail.

Art work in our homes is something to be loved and cherished, but it doesn’t have to be traditional or generic. The most wonderful artwork is that which is special to us, and I really believe a piece from Toni Thornton Art is just that.