Tips for Choosing the Perfect Fragrance for Your Man

Picking out a good fragrance for a man is perhaps a little easier than him trying to choose one for a woman. Men are easier to shop for in that sense. While he may or may not have a personal preference about the fragrance he wears, he’s often happy to dab something on his skin that will hold appeal to his partner. A few men have strong personal preferences on the subject, but this is less the case than with women.

Here are a few tips for choosing a men’s perfume that he’ll be happy with.

What Does He Already Wear?

You can get a good idea about his personal preferences and whether he has strong opinions on his scents by sneaking a peek at what he already uses. When you’re over at his place, if he keeps his perfume bottles on a table with his other personal items or in the bathroom cabinet, you can look. Looking up the different products will better help you appreciate what types of scents he’s into.

He may prefer a traditional scent that’s been sold for decades, a bold modern statement, something sold under a celebrity’s brand, or a scent that’s sensual. Visit this site to find the best Initio Perfume that would make him stand out.

Department Store Try Outs

You can wander through a major department store to try out some female perfumes and encourage him to explore the cologne options. There could be a new scent that he’s quite taken with but finds the price a bit steep and feels it’ll be overindulgent. This is a perfect opportunity to return on another day and buy the bottle he was interested in. Do give it a few days or a week to see whether he has changed his mind about what he tried to avoid disappointing him.

Similar Scent, But a New Choice

Is your man open minded when it comes to cologne or does he stick to the tried and true? You could choose a different scent but one that is in keeping with the style of fragrance that he usually likes. If he prefers a sensual scent, then there is more than one product option beyond what he already uses. Also, there is more than one classic scent that will appeal to him if he rejects modern scents as not for him.

When you know his personality on the subject, you can choose a different fragrance to what he already selects for himself and open his eyes to new possibilities. And if you like it, then that may make him more receptive to the change if he’s not wedded to his first pick.

Your success rate with buying your man a new fragrance is all about how well you know his preferences and whether you can make a smart selection. Choose poorly and he’ll be returning the item for something else he prefers. There’s nothing more embarrassing than that! Therefore, do your research over time about what he likes. Check whether his tastes have changed – smell his colognes from the bottles to learn them and take note of what he wears on a regular basis. While it’s possible he may be finishing off a bottle to not let it go to waste and doesn’t plan to buy a replacement (something you should at least consider) a little nudge in the right direction never goes amiss.

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