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Top-10 indoor plants You Won’t Kill

Many people don’t have plants in their home because they find caring for them time-consuming and difficult. But not all plants are difficult to care for and require a lot of attention. Of course, each plant is unique and has its own care requirements, taking into account watering, humidity, temperature, and so on. But if you decide to have a flower at home, there are several types that are distinguished by their ease of care. Choose your favourite plant, buy indoor planters and enjoy this green beauty in your home.

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10 House Plants You Can’t Kill

If you study the topic of plants in more detail, there are many species that grow well in the house without special care requirements. We all know that if we want a plant in the house without problems, it is better to take a cactus. But that’s not true, you don’t have to limit yourself to just cactus. We’ve selected 10 gorgeous plants that look beautiful and don’t require much attention. You may be able to choose the right type for yourself, or even try growing several of them.

1. Heartleaf Philodendron

This wonderful plant has become the choice of many people who are sometimes away from home. It would be a good choice for the office so you can leave it for the weekend. Heartleaf Philodendron is drought tolerant. Of course, you can’t leave it without watering for months, but it can stand without water for a week or two and then recover perfectly.

2. Dragon Tree

This small and cute plant loves a bright place. Place it in such a place and it will delight you with its natural beauty. It is important to remember that this plant does not like its roots to be often wet, think about how to provide the soil with good drainage.

3. Jade Plant

The uniqueness of this plant is that every year it will look even better and more beautiful. It is easy to care for, so it is comfortable at room temperature every year. Choose a place with indirect sunlight for it. It does not need abundant watering.

4. Cactus

We couldn’t pass by this plant because it deserves its place in the top ten most unpretentious types for home growing. The cactus loves the sun and does not require abundant watering. This is an ideal solution for home or office space.

Photo by Cup of Couple: https://www.pexels.com/photo/potted-plant-on-a-table-7301841/

5. Ponytail Palm

This plant got its name because of its long leaves. But it’s not a palm tree, it’s a succulent. It has more in common with yucca, for example in its ability to store water and survive drought normally. It is important to remember that this plant grows very slowly, so choose the size you like right away.

6. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

This plant can grow in any room; you can place the pot in partial shade or full sun. It is better to provide it with dry air and dry soil. You do not need to repot this plant often. The beautiful long pointed leaves look very pretty. This plant is ideal for beginning gardeners.

7. Pothos

This unique plant has long, drooping stems. If you trim the stems at least once a year, the plant will be thick and lush. It will not be offended if you forget to water it; it does not need waterlogged soil. This is a good choice for hanging pots that you can hang on your veranda or balcony.

8. ZZ Plant

This is a must-have plant in any home because it is very colourful and lush. Place it on a window or table and enjoy its appearance all year round. You don't need to water ZZ plant regularly; it grows well even with dry soil. The lighting may be weak; the soil does not need fertilizer.

9. Spider Plant

This plant is also ideal for beginning gardeners because it is easy to care for. Small white flowers appear on the stems of such a plant, which will later become heavier with sprouts. This plant loves indirect sunlight. It is quite difficult to kill such a plant, so think about purchasing it now.

Photo by Mathias Reding: https://www.pexels.com/photo/spider-plant-in-a-room-11363516/

10. Inch Plant

This plant is not only ideal for growing at home, but it also makes a great gift. This is a very beautiful and easy to care plant with shiny purple and green leaves. The stems grow very quickly and can reach almost 3 feet long. It’s best for you to pinch the stems so they don’t get too long. Remember that Inch Plant likes moist soil.

Now you have seen that there is a large selection of plants that are easy to care for. You will be able to choose large or small types to place in your home. Just imagine how the plant will refresh your atmosphere and create a more comfortable and cozy mood in any room. Even your office should be pleasant for the working mood, put some pots with plants and work comfortably.


Any plant is worthy of decorating your home, so don’t be afraid to purchase one or two types. Start with low-maintenance plants and flowers to improve the mood of your home. You can also try growing greens or herbs for spices. It is not as difficult as you think and herbs do not require much care or a lot of time. Experiment, mix plants and create stunning flower arrangements. Plants will always thank you with beautiful and healthy growing.

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