Top 5 Stylish College Outfits For A Confident Start

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Choosing stylish college outfits is not easy when you are a student with a limited budget who tries to cover all bases at once for a confident start. Luckily, it is always possible to create something unique that will help your personal style to stand out and fit for most occasions. Even wearing your favorite t-shirt and jeans can be done differently if you add stylistic elements from the flashy 80s or take your time to explore hippie culture. As long as it inspires you and provides both inner and physical freedom, you are always on the right track fashion-wise. 

Top 5 Stylish College Outfits for a Confident Start 

  1. Wearing Cute Sweaters Matters! 

College life should be about your comfort, not only what everyone seems to follow. The trick is to keep things fun and a bit flashy in a good way. This is where all the cute and funny sweats can help you out. Just wear a matching sweatsuit with the iconic logo or a bold statement. It will help you to promote anything from women’s rights (the guys do wear that, too!) to environmental issues. When it’s oversized and allows you to run around freely, it’s all that matters! 

  1. Oversized Sweatshirts Trick! 

Wearing oversized clothes is one of those tricks that can help you feel good in almost every situation. Of course, if you need to visit an important event, a night dress or a suit might be a better choice. Still, for daily use, an overdyed and oversized clothing item is great for starters. It also makes you feel cozy and psychologically safe in those times when you do homework or talk to friends. Speaking of homework challenges, check out essay samples for inspiration. Sometimes even checking through helpful examples helps to complete things faster and decrease high levels of stress! 

  1. Jeans with Vest Tops! 

Wearing vest tops is a comfortable way to stay stylish and become an object of admiration from fellow students as you can use both classic white top styles or think about unusual colors and patterns. When you combine a vest top with your beloved pair of classic blue or black jeans, it looks really stylish and shows your confidence. The very fact that your top is without sleeves provides you with well-needed mobility freedom and a chance to add Peruvian-style ponchos or boho-style elements on top. 

  1. Colorful Scarves and Coats! 

If you are worried about your looks, adding colorful scarves on top of your clothes or wearing them at the waist level helps a great deal. Think about various color patterns, and don’t be afraid to keep things bright, as it is what creates the necessary visual effect. Now, combining scarves with trendy coats helps when it rains or when it’s cold outside. While it’s relatively easy to find something to wear inside, the colder times have to be met in style, too! 

  1. That Voice of Freedom or 1970s Style! 

If you want to get truly creative and go for something totally different, the hippie-style times will be a great fit. Just ask the older folks around for their thoughts and ideas before you start exploring classic educational fashion ideas yourself! Wearing the widest jeans you can find with the graphic t-shirt is what we already know well, so the trick is to wear it with stylish accessories like the famous mini-shoulder purse, cool sunglasses, ethnic necklaces, and even headbands! 


Makeup at College Challenge! 

Unless you belong to a goth culture or follow a certain style where the use of excessive makeup highlights your best personality traits, it is recommended to keep the makeup modest or at moderate levels. The majority of colleges in the United States do not have any strict rules regarding how much makeup you can wear on an average day. What you have to use is a set of skincare products for students that will help to moisturize and protect your skin. When it radiates health and being fit, it will do way more than even the most expensive mascara and a red lipstick style to cover exhaustion and anxiety! 


Diane Sherron loves the world of fashion as she explores it through the lens of being a student and a parent. As an educator, she knows how challenging it can be for a student to keep stylish and stand out. Follow Diane to learn how to gain confidence with style and find inspiration.


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