Topping my Autumn Wish List – A bag from ‘Made of Carpets’.


When I was a teenager, I had a carpet-bag that I carried everywhere. Based on an old doctors style  bag, it was beautiful and I carried it until it eventually fell apart. I have spent a long time trying to find a bag that had the same beauty and elegance of that long-lost piece. And I’m glad to say that I have found it. Ladies and Gentleman, I take great pleasure in introducing you to ‘Made of Carpets‘.

‘Made of Carpets’ are the brainchild of the super-talented Irina Bragin.  A designer of 20 years standing, Irina has decided to resurrect the idea of a true carpet-bag, one that actually uses real Oriental carpet, rather than mere velour or tapestry bags. These were once a sign of wealth and elegance, carried by Victorian travellers in the great age of steam, and Irina’s bags evoke all the romance and luxury of a bygone time.


Each bag feels like a true work of art, using the most vivid colours and dramatic embroidery. The inspiration behind the bags come from Irina’ diverse background, the bags feature Byzantine fanciful intricacy and Mediterranean sunshine all with English reserve and precise lines seen only in haute couture.


What I really love about these bags are the versatility. They would look amazing dressing up your casual jeans and flat shoes, but could look equally good adding drama to a little black dress. They are big enough to be the most glamorous baby bag any fashionable mother could own. The colours and silk feel mean they would be a great holiday bag. but the warmth of the fabric means the bag would see you through the harshest winter months, making a great accessory to you best winter coat. The bags are also firm, making them hard-wearing, as well as totally luxurious. Made of Carpets takes a vintage style idea, but makes it a totally modern item, one that your wardrobe is crying out for this Autumn/Winter.

Living in London for almost two decades, Bragin says, “…for this collection I found myself initially inspired by the history and contemporary culture of the Belgravia, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Kensington areas of London. This collection will appeal to the chic and confident woman with an independent yet understated style.”

Made of Carpets bags range from £120-£135. They are produced in the European Union and are subject to Fair Trade. For more information please visit the website at