Useful Tips to Make Your Room Cosy and Beautiful

It’s a busy life being a working mom. Organising home and family as well as working hard in the day job can leave you feeling the strain. It’s not surprising that,  at the end of the day, you just wish to relax and unwind in a beautiful bedroom.

It is nice to have a beautiful bedroom but it is also very important to make it relaxing. It is a safe haven after a long and tiring day. Here are some tips to make your bedroom both look beautiful and feel relaxing and comfortable.

Use light colours

It is advisable to use light colours like green, light blue, pink, cream, or white in terms of the wall painting. It will make the atmosphere more relaxing and cool and thus will allow you to feel peaceful in your safe haven.


Remove all your clutter from the bedside table

It is very common for people to put various things like books, phones, papers, magazines, jewellery that just been taken off and a lot more others on the bedside table. It is more convenient that way. However, clutter can affect your mood as well making you feel anxious and uneasy. If you wish to feel more relaxed then one good tip you could use is to remove all your clutter on your bedside table.

Use thick linen curtains

The use of linen curtains makes the room more elegant and presentable. It’s pretty and it brings out character in your room! Also, it comes in handy for mornings that you just feel like hiding away from the sun to get some extra hours of sleep. (Especially if it’s the weekend when  the kids don’t have school.)

Consider an upholstered wall

Having some quiet time before sleeping at night is divine. Therefore, to consider upholstering the wall behind your bed is a good idea. Also, it gives you comfortable and soft surface to lean back in when you’re in your bed.

Choose a comfortable bed

The bed is the main star in the bedroom and you should make sure to choose a very comfortable one to help you achieve a relaxing and good night sleep. Make use of cotton bedding and lots of pillows and cushions. Cotton breathes and it allows you to feel cool while sleeping. It wouldn’t hurt to choose a beautiful frame as well as quilted valance available at Harris Scarfe. It will make your bedroom look nice overall.


Have a sofa in your bedroom

If you wish to spend more quality time in your room then having a couch that you can sit on to read magazines or books, watch TV, or work on your laptop is perfect. This is a good way to keep the bed solely for sleeping and will give your mind the distinction. This should make you sleep easier since your mind is set that once you go to bed that it is time for you to sleep.


A good night sleep is the best reward a mom could get. Make sure to follow the tips from this post so you could get your well-deserved comfortable sleep at night and still keep the room beautiful and chic.


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