Using Technology to Aid Your Child’s Learning

When it comes to children and their use of technology, many parents have some concerns. Fortunately, technology can be used in a variety of positive ways, particularly when it comes to helping your child with their home learning. Teachers are able to upload a variety of learning activities to their websites and portals which students can then download and complete at home. I have teamed up with a sixth form in Hampshire to explore the role of technology in your child’s learning journey.

All children have a unique learning style and technology provides a more accommodating experience than a traditional lesson in school. To elaborate, students are able to advance at their own pace during their home lessons, rather than trying to keep up with the rest of the class who may be ahead or behind their abilities. They are also able to use the tools that are most appropriately suited to their style of learning. For example, child A might prefer to use videos on YouTube to help them understand a specific subject, while child B might be able to absorb information to a greater degree if they play online educational games. Children who feel the work set by schools too easy, there are more complicated materials online that are more suitable for their abilities. Students who are struggling, on the other hand, are able to spend longer trying to grasp the concepts.

Another positive aspect of technology when it comes to a child’s education is that it allows parents to connect with the teachers and explore the curriculum in greater detail. Being able to communicate with the teachers and having access to numerous learning tools and a range of information online gives parents an opportunity to become more involved in their child’s education, which will help them in the long run.

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