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My summer television treat has been ‘This Old Thing – the Vintage Clothes Show’. Presented by Dawn O Porter, ‘This Old thing’ is a delve into the world of vintage fashion and how to shop for it. I love anything shopping related, and this series shows some of the beautiful items that can be found if you have a magpie’s eye. But as much as I have loved the series, I do think it has uncovered some of the major problems of shopping vintage.






This Old Thing has shown that when you look into the past for your inspiration, you can find something that is unique, beautiful and well-made. Unfortunately, it is, more often than not, also very expensive. Items that come from places like Lucy in Disguise, Gingermegs vintage and the Portabello Road are often more expensive than even High End High street, enough to frighten some people off the idea of wearing vintage, especially in our more frugal times. In addition, the idea that vintage will look like a costume is not really helped by Dawn O Porter. She looks amazing, a stunning looking girl. But her inspiration comes quite literally from the 1960s, with Dawn the epitome of a swinging London dollybird. For those who think vintage means fancy dress, Dawn sort of proves the point.

But Vintage fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, nor do you have to look like an extra from Scooby Doo! (unless you want to of course). Nor does it have to come from Vintage shops if your budget won’t stretch to that.  Charity shops and car boot sales can also have rich vintage pickings, and you can mix and match them with pieces already in your wardrobe to create modern looks.

Here a few looks I created with a few ‘old things’ that didn’t break the bank.

Look 1 – The Vintage skirt and the new bag

This is a look that combines a vintage silk skirt with pieces from the High Street, and a fabulous new bag from Spanish label Desigual. Desigual is my latest style crush, I also have my eye on some very pretty sandals from their range, and I may be able to afford them due to the saving I made on this skirt! The skirt is not labeled, and I feel it may have been handmade, but it is in a really beautiful coffee shade, and it is not see-thru, despite being unlined. I teamed it with simple separates, a vest from select, a long pendant from Next, and gold flip-flops from Dorothy Perkins.  The skirt cost just £4, a total bargain for something that can be worn again and again.



Look 2 – Vintage, High Street and charity shop finds

This is the outfit I wore for my Father-in-laws birthday meal. The skirt is Betty Jackson Black from Debenhams, but the rest of the outfit is pre-owned and pre-loved. The lovely top is a 1970s Marks and Spencer, St Michael label, and was £2.25 from a charity shop in Shrewsbury. I found the early 1960s bag on a tabletop sale held at a local church, a bargain for just £1. The shoes are early 1990s Roberto Vianni and were the perfect way to finish this outfit. I love this outfit and think it is quite classic and timeless.



Look 3 – Pretty vintage sun dress



This is a pretty vintage dress that I tried on when shopping for my holiday. Vintage clothing always needs to be tried on, the sizes are totally different. So, if you like the look of something, ignore the label and head to the changing room!

Look 4 – A modern trend with a vintage touch.

This season, pastel lace was a huge trend that was all over the catwalk, and then the high street. This pink lace jacket is a 1960s original that was picked up for £4.99. It has the most incredible buttons, but these are a detail that I could’ve changed if I hadn’t liked them.


Four different outfits, all with a vintage touch. Here are a few more finds, and a couple of things I didn’t buy.


1960s evening bag


I love vintage trinkets. Add paste brooches to a black evening dress for a 1940s look.


1960s Jackie Kennedy style boucle suit.


One of my favourite bags – a 1960s box bag.

I really liked this blouse, but it needed to be tailored to make it more fitted - maybe buttons added down the back?

I really liked this blouse, but it needed to be tailored to make it more fitted – maybe buttons added down the back?

Wish I had got this now...

Wish I had got this now…

This was incredible, it still had a child's name on the inside in ink.

This was incredible, it still had a child’s name on the inside in ink.

1980s Bally heels in gold - love!

1980s Bally heels in gold – love!

I upload all my vintage and charity shop finds to instagram – you can follow me here.

I also have a section on my Facebook page for Charity Shop finds.

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11 thoughts on “Vintage Love for This Old thing

  1. You are an expert at the vintage bargains! Well done, some really great and totally wearable outfits here. I like the plaid skirt one a lot – you could easily wear that to work, or out for drinks.

    I’ve been watching the programme too, but have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with it!! Some of it annoys me, but overall I have felt inspired to alter a few things in my own wardrobe, which has to be a good thing.

    P x

  2. You found some lovely stuff. I love the first outfit, yellow looks great on you, you’re lucky! I’m still not great at finding good bits in charity shops but I’m persevering! x

  3. They are lovely items, my favourite is the pink cardigan, but I must admit im not a big clothes shopping person at the moment, and just usually grab something from the supermarket…. :-/ one day my fashionista side will come out!

  4. So many pretty items, Love the little white box bag! I wish i went Vintage shopping more as you can always find something amazing! xo

  5. As you know I love a good rummage around too & have found some fab finds in my time! You certainly have a knack for finding some great vintage items! I love the first outfit & that coffee colour really works for you! I can’t wait to join instagram! Ax

  6. Great post with some lovely finds! I used to do a lot of vintage clothes shopping in my student days – there were some amazing shops in Leeds. I would get beautiful evening dresses for the dos I used to go to that were totally unique and very affordable too. I don’t have the patience to rummage much anymore – I do a lot of shopping online – but you’ve inspired me to start to shop vintage again. #madmidweekbloghop

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