What Should A Little Girl Wear As A Wedding Guest?

You’ve got your dress and your shoes, but what about your little girl? Dressing her in something appropriate can be a bit of a challenge, especially if she’s young or not so keen on wearing stuffy outfits. To help you choose wedding guest attire for little girls that are both cute and appropriate such as these lace dresses for girls, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Colour of Attire

The colour of your dress is extremely important when you’re a little girl at a wedding. Colour can show your relationship with other guests and should be taken into consideration before choosing an outfit. For example, if you are attending with your parents or siblings, all dresses should be in complementary colours. Try finding one that compliments all of your outfits. For example, if someone is wearing light blue, then you should wear light pink or some other colour that matches well with it. Pastel colours like orange, green, and yellow look good with any colour so you could choose something from those as well. If multiple children are attending then they can all pick out their own dresses together and stick to similar colours (so everyone looks good).

Shoes & Accessories

Whether she’s three or thirteen, your little girl will want to wear fancy shoes to her friend’s wedding. Most likely she’ll want a pair of sparkling new shoes. To keep her from looking over-dressed and awkward, pair shiny shoes with a simple dress in subdued tones. Embellishments should be minimal and thin enough that they don’t overwhelm anything else she’s wearing—no huge bows or puffy hems allowed!

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If your child’s hair is long enough, you can pull it into a ponytail or high bun. If her hair is too short to achieve either of these styles, add barrettes and accessories for that something special. You could also opt for an elegant hairstyle such as braids or curls. She can wear her hair down if she prefers; there are many options to choose from! And don’t forget that this wedding day is probably just as exciting for her as it is for you — let your girl do what she wants with her hair on such an important day. The most important thing is that she looks beautiful!


A young girl should wear only as much jewellery as is age-appropriate. Let your child choose between two or three pieces. A pair of small stud earrings should be enough. However, you can pair them with a simple necklace or a simple bracelet. When it comes to jewellery, simple and small is best for younger-aged girls.

Don’t be overdressed, but be modest

You can find beautiful gowns specifically designed for little girls to wear at weddings and special occasions. When shopping for modest clothing for women and for little girls, remember to keep in mind their theme or style when picking out your dress. You don’t want to be overdressed just as much as you don’t want to be underdressed. Most importantly — pick out clothes that fit her personality! 

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While there’s no right answer when it comes to what a little girl wears as a wedding guest, it’s important to understand that how you feel about your outfit on any given day is more important than whether or not you match. We hope our post has helped you think through how best to celebrate in style with all your gorgeous friends. Happy wedding planning!

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