How to Find Or Change Your Hair Part, According To Stylists

Finding and defining your personal style can be a journey full of trial and error, sharp turns and lots of fun experimentation. You might go through a few phases before you decide that a certain aesthetic, color scheme or decade is the best representation of you. Of course, your personal style also includes signature hairstyles, colors and cuts. For many, an iconic hair look is just as important as any great outfit!

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If your signature hairstyle changes, it’s probable that your part will change along with it. Here’s an expert’s guide to finding and changing your hair so your hair can keep up with your ever-changing style! 

Start Strong

The key to finding your natural hair part and changing it starts with a good wash. Lather up with professional shampoo and nourish the hair with a quality conditioner. Washing your hair will make it easier to find your natural hair part without any confusion from prior blow drying or styling. While your hair is still wet, take a wide-tooth comb and gently brush your hair back away from your face. Begin running your fingers through your hair slowly and stop once your palm is hovering over the very top of your head. Lift your hand a few inches while your hair is still entwined between your fingers and then lower it a bit closer to your head. The hair should fall to each side of your head where your natural hair part has been formed. 

If you want to continue styling your hair using your natural part, grab your comb and run it back on your scalp right along the line of your part. This will help define your natural part and get any outlying strands out of the way. If you want to change the location of your hair part, there are a couple of extra steps involved. 

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Changing your hair part is usually a quick and easy process. It tends to be a bit more time-consuming if you have been parting and styling your hair the same exact way for many years, but with a little work and patience, it’s still possible to change things up. Use your professional hair styling products to your advantage when changing your hair part and apply them in a motion that separates the hair into your intended part while the hair is still wet. This goes for products like mousse, leave-in treatments and more. 


Next, comb through the hair again to set the wet hair into place and really define your new part. If you are moving it completely from one side of your head to the other, you might notice some hair sticking up or creating an unwanted arch around the old part, which is totally okay. That just means your hair isn’t used to laying in that particular way. 

Styling a New Part

A good styling routine can do a lot for your part. If you’re keeping your hair part the same, your regular styling routine probably favors that part location and, after a while, your hair part will likely fall into place naturally with little to no styling. Once you decide to change your part to the middle or the other side, you’ll need a little help from gravity. 

A blow dryer is arguably the most effective tool when changing your hair part because it blows heat down onto the scalp and can set the part in place. While the hair is still wet, point your blow dryer straight down from above your head, concentrating on your new hair part. The hot air will help the part stay in place and make it look more natural. Once you have done this, proceed with your regular styling routine, making sure to accentuate your new part! 

To finish, bring the look together with professional hairspray or finishing spray. If you notice short hairs and flyaways after you change your part, don’t worry. This is normal because you’re exposing a layer of hair that is usually covered. Tame unruliness by spraying a soft toothbrush with hairspray and using it to gently comb the hair away from the part on each side. 

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Maintaining a Healthy Hair Part

To keep your scalp healthy and prevent your hair from thinning near your part, it’s a good idea to shift it, if only a small bit, to the left or right every three to four months. Doing so can help regulate oil production and stimulate different areas of the scalp. Whether you’re changing your part for the next few months, creating a specific hairstyle for the night or just wondering how to find your natural hair part, be sure to follow these stylist-approved tips!


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