Who is the Best Celebrity Grandmother?

You may not be aware of the fact, but tomorrow (July 23rd) has been designated as ‘Gorgeous Grandma Day’, a special day dedicated to celebrating those lovely ladies who can make a mom’s life that little bit easier through their help and support. ‘Gorgeous Grandma Day is a special day for those ladies over 50 who still grab live with both hands. Although it is not yet as widely known as Mother’s and Father’s Day, it may well be that one day this is circled on the calender as well.

9351175615_d07c7b6f03In celebration of Gorgeous Grandma Day, Best Offers Bingo conducted a poll to discover who was the nation’s favourite celebrity grandmother was. They received more than 3000 votes, and the results are now in. Here is the final list, which is dominated by glamorous Hollywood ladies and doesn’t seem to have a silver hair in sight.

‘Who is the best celebrity grandmother?’

Goldie Hawn 412 votes

Sharon Osbourne 190 votes

Whoopi Goldberg 176 votes

Tina Turner 165 votes

Susan Sarandon 163 votes

Jane Fonda 151 votes

Sophia Loren 131 votes

Jessica Lange 97 votes

Priscilla Presley 84 votes

Kris Jenner 75 votes

Martha Stewart 63 votes

Tina Knowles 58 votes

Chaka Khan 48 votes

Marie Osmond 36 votes

Ivana Trump 13 votes

Goldie Hawn is the clear winner, grandmother to 5 children through her son Oliver Hudson and daughter Kate. I have to say I’m a huge fan of Goldie, a really glamorous lady and one of my favourite actresses (for Private Benjamin alone – I love that film so much!). I love that Goldie is really hands on, and yet still retains her own glamour and personality, this is one nan not reaching for the knitting needles.

Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell Spend The Day With Their Grandkids On The Beach In Santa Monica

Kurt+Russell+Oliver+Hudson+Kate+Hudson+Family+Xv8q83GoZTjlI have to say through that my own mom could give all these ladies a real run for their money in the gorgeous gran stakes. Young in outlook, super fun, and with a wardrobe to die for, my mom is great company and a wonderful grandmother who never shirks at having a go in goal.  Both of her grandchildren just adore her, and nothing could make her more gorgeous than that in my opinion.



My mom with Joe.

My mom with Joe.

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