Why a wedding is a fashion show…with the aisle as your catwalk.

Two men wearing morning coats at a wedding. 1929.

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You m ay fool yourself into believing it is all about the exchange of vows, a declaration of your love for another person, but don’t be fooled too easily, A wedding is nothing more than an almighty fashion show, with the aisle your own personal catwalk, a veritable red carpet on which to strut your stuff!

My only sister got married on Saturday. After months of fashion planning, the day finally arrived. And it was truly wonderful. But as it ended, I couldn’t help but ponder how important clothes, fashion and style had been to the whole occasion. From the warm up hen weekends of copious outfits and themes, to the wedding dress fittings, bridesmaid dress fittings, bridesmaid dress rehearsals, accessory shopping, pre wedding meal with a dress code, trying on head dresses with the mother of the bride, and finally the pampering morning of the wedding, clothes had been ultra important at every step of the way.

In the run up to the wedding, my sister had tried on ten different dresses of various styles and colours, along with a whole host of veils, gloves and shoes. She had four dress fittings at Caroline James of the House of Fraser, Birmingham, each lasting a few hours, and then additional sessions to look for shoes, headdresses, earrings etc. In short, in terms of hours, at least a week must’ve been spent shopping for the brides essentials.

the amazing shoes from Dune.

And on the day itself…approximately 3.5hours were spent turning Piggle into an Audrey Hepburnesque Princess bride. Showering, pinning, lacing, combing, powdering…all this went on in the name of beauty. For myself, as Maid of Honour, there was not as much time, because Baba was a Paige boy and he needed to get ready too and needed mommy’s help to do this, but i still bathed, blow dried, straightened, powdered and preened before dressing in my elegant full length Coast evening dress. (Thank heavens no meringue!)


that's my mom disappearing under the skirt!


They say that all brides are beautiful on their wedding day, but this is no accident. Every last detail is taken into consideration, and nothing is left to chance. Brides are beautiful from the top of their ballerina pinned hair, to the tips of their pink frosted toes. And despite the fact that for most of us, lacing up corset style disappeared with the Victorians, this isn’t the case on our wedding days. Most brides have a pink glow because, frankly, they cannot breathe!


breathe in!

And then there’s make up. No-one wants to see a clown bride, so bright red lips are a no-no. Instead you must go for the Jennifer Anniston no make-up look that’s taken hours to apply. Soft, dewy and very romantic.

And brides make other sacrifices too, in the name of beauty. For instance, if they decide that Christmas is a wonderful time to get married, chances are, they freeze to death in the process. The Groom is protected from the elements by his Morning Suit or Tuxedo, these are never designed in a strapless format. The bride, however, may have flesh on display, and photographers will always want photographs outside, especially if there has been snow and it looks so pretty, or if your hotel is in the grounds of a medieval abbey. The bride will smile through her cold, and grit her teeth prettily in order not to spoil those snaps.

But all of this is worth it to look beautiful as you glide down your catwalk…i mean the aisle. Everyone will ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at your vision of beauty and elegance. Only you will know just how much time and effort went into it…