Why Choose Gemstones For Your Bridal Look?

If there’s one day when you want every part of your look to be right, it’s your wedding day. The dress is obviously the absolute focal point and the star of the show, but all your other choices, including your accessories, also need to be perfect so that you get the look you are aiming for.

Bridal jewellery has been a big market in recent years. Although many still use their jewellery to fit one of the options of the old saying (i.e. the something old, something borrowed bit), there is now also a trend for a piece of wedding jewellery, including gemstone necklaces to be a gift from the groom to his bride, making it an extra special choice for the wedding day.

When it comes to choosing wedding jewellery, why are gemstones such a good and popular choice?

Gemstone Necklaces

A gemstone necklace is a lovely choice if you have opted for a strapless, or off the shoulder dress. These styles of dresses are evergreen in popularity but they do show off an expanse of bare skin that can make the look seem unfinished. Adding a gorgeous gemstone necklace can add extra sparkle to the bare space, and can complete a look.

If your dress is simple and elegant, it can also be a way of adding a single element of sparkle that lists the look completely. Diamonds are very popular for this effect, but you could opt to pick out the colours of your bridesmaids dresses, or a particular theme you may have – for example, a black and white wedding could be reflected in the unusual choice of a black diamond necklace.

Gemstone Earrings

If your dress is more ornate, or has a higher neckline, you may decide that your sparkle will be from a pair of gemstone earrings. A simple of pair of diamond studs are classically timeless and elegant, but if you have an upswept hairdo, you may want to try a drop style earring that will just shimmer and shine.

Again, you can keep this simple with diamonds, or could add a coloured gemstone that could be used to reflect a colour scheme, or just be there as a surprise pop of colour.

Gemstone Ring

Wedding rings these days no longer need to be simple gold bands, they can reflect your style and personal taste. Gemstone rings offer you the chance to choose something different – my own wedding ring is a band of black and white diamonds and I just love that it is so different.

If you choose to go down a non traditional route for your wedding ring, why not design your own. A jewellers like Abelini offers you a bespoke service where you can bring your dream ring to life in spectacular style, perfect for your most perfect day!

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