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Why Every Nurse Deserves Fashion Scrubs

Have you ever worked a job that required you to wear a uniform that was anything but flattering? Think about it for just a moment. Uniforms do make it easy to identify staff members, and in some hospitality settings, uniforms serve a purpose other than identification. No one wants to get their streetwear soiled with food and grease, so uniforms are essential. In much the same way, hospitals and doctors’ offices require their nurses to wear uniforms. Consider the bio-hazards you are exposed to with each and every patient you work with. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Truthfully, every nurse deserves fashion scrubs!

From LPNs to RNs to NPs – Every Level of Nursing Mandates a Dress Code

Consider for a moment a nurse practitioner who has spent many years studying in programs like those offered at Bradley University. They made it all the way through their first four years to earn the baccalaureate in nursing, qualifying to be an RN. From there, some even went on to earn a master’s degree in nursing with the designation FNP – Family Nurse Practitioner.

Why wouldn’t someone with all those years of training and experience deserve the right to dress in something that suits them personally? While every nurse deserves to look his or her best, those in advanced levels of patient care must be even more cognizant of their appearance. After all, in many cases, they are both nurse and provider! It may not have mattered while studying at home in the Bradley University Online MSN-FNP degree program, but out in the clinic with patients, it matters!

A Look at Today’s Fashion Scrubs

Have you ever wondered why nurses are now wearing ‘scrubs’ in most hospitals instead of those white dresses we associated with nurses once upon a time? Actually, scrubs got their name because of their origin as a ‘uniform’ dress code in surgeries around the world. The evolution of the name came from those uniforms worn in a sanitary, scrubbed environment. Today’s scrubs are often worn as everyday clothing by non-medical professionals and they have become totally acceptable apparel.

However, scrubs have become much more fashionable than ever before and many styles look like nothing you would ever expect a hospital uniform to look like! Some have cross back straps and others are tailored to fit all types of body shapes. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can find fashion scrubs that suit your physical shape, as well as your personal sense of style.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Fashion Scrubs

If you have a uniform store in your city, you can always find fashion scrubs in stock. However, if you are a nurse in a more outlying or remote area, the Internet is going to be your best source. Simply do a quick Google search for fashion scrubs and literally, dozens of sites will appear on page after page of search results. Some fashion scrubs are reasonably priced while others may be a bit costlier, but you may be paying more for quality and design. No matter how much you spend, you deserve to wear scrubs which are flattering to you and suit your personality. After all, you earned that right – now go for it!

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