Why Learning First Aid Is Important

We never know when we will be called upon to perform acts of first aid. From the simple act of dressing a wound on a child who has fell and bumped their knee, to the more serious case of someone who has collapsed and needs placing in the recovery position, or who even needs mouth to mouth resuscitation, first aid is a crucial skill that could help to save a life. And the great thing is, that anyone can be trained in first aid and can become a first aider responding to emergencies and assisting those in danger.

To train in first aid, whether basic or paediatric, you simply need to find a registered provider where you can attend a training course. A provider like Base Green Academy offer a wide range of courses that would be perfect whether you are a concerned parent who wants to be prepared in case of an accident, or whether you are training to be the first aid representative in your place of employment.

As Base Green explain so eloquently, being a first aider:-

 Isn’t just about ticking boxes and acquiring a certificate, but about having the knowledge, skills and confidence to administer a procedure that might save someone’s life.You’re giving someone the best possible chance of survival, and that’s an amazing thing.

An accident can happen to anyone, at any given time, and even if an ambulance is called, there could be a period of time when you may be the only person able to provide help. This is certainly true if someone is taken ill in your home at night. Having some basic first aid knowledge and skills could be absolutely crucial for the welfare of the stricken person, and the fact that you have these skills could mean you are able to stay calm and focussed even in the most difficult of circumstances. In short, they could be life saving.

On a more practical level, being a trained first aider with certification could make you more attractive to prospective employees as you could take on the role of named person in a new work setting, it is definitely something to add to a CV.

So what are you waiting for? Look into getting your first aid certification this year and provide yourself with an additional life and employment skill.

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