How To Spot Flat Roof Issues Early

I have a confession to make, when it comes to roofing, I am totally a fan of a flat roof. This may be because my absolute favourite style of home is an Art Deco design, the sort of house you see in Hercule Poirot, stylishly designed and streamlined in white and always adorned with a flat roof. But it has to be said, flat rooves have had their critics over the years, with many elegant looks being replaced by a traditional roof due to constant leaks.

These days the flat roof is having a resurgence. You only need to look at programmes like Grand Designs to see that many self designed houses in contemporary or futuristic styles opt for a design that includes a flat roof. The beauty of their design is that it can be adapted to any shape of house, even a house that has been designed to fit a unique piece of land that may have an irregular shape. The modern flat roof is hard wearing and cost effective, it can also prove to be versatile as you may install a roof garden as an extra living space on the top.

If you are thinking of investing in a flat roof, you still need to make sure you maintain it, and keep your eyes open for issues of wear and tear that could effect your home.

  • A major issue is water sitting on the roof due to inadequate fall. A flat roof isn’t really flat and needs enough gradient to allow the rain water to flow towards the guttering.
  • Guttering needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly in order to stop blockages that can lead to overflowing.
  • Age and wear and tear from the elements, including Summer sunshine, can cause the materials of your flat roof to crack and deteriorate. Check your roof on a regular basis, or get professional help and advice from a company like Sure Seal Flat Roofing in order to either repair or replace.
  • Look out for visible signs of damage, such as ripped seams along the edges of the roofing material, blistering of the roof material, or water damage on the inside of your property due to a roof leak.

If you look after your flat roof properly, you will have a stylish and cost effective feature of your home that will last for years.


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