Why Perfume Makes A Perfect Gift

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We are now in November, and, if you are in the UK, all thoughts now turn to Christmas. This week has seen the first Christmas adverts hitting TV screens (in M&S’s case, to some controversy), Costa getting it’s Christmas gift offerings in store, if not yet getting its Christmas cups, and most shops full to the brim with everything from trees to gorgeous decorations and food. Yes, it is just 7 weeks away, so our thoughts must turn to gifting ideas.

Perfume is always a popular choice, something that delights the person who receives it, and is actually quite an easy thing to get right.  A fragrance that is sure to be popular this December 25th is Montale from parfumdreams, which is a range of stunning fragrances, from Oud to Rose, which are just stunning due to being the more highly concentrated Eau de Parfum rather than toilette. This ensures that what you are getting is luxury, a pure fragrance that will quite literally last all day long.

Montale fragrances come in a range of fragrance types, from floral scents for those who like their fragrance to be light and pretty, to spice, for those who want a deeper, more masculine or unisex scent. The bottles are also showstopping, definitely the sort of thing to enhance any shelf or dressing table display.

So why is perfume such a good choice at Christmas?

Size doesn’t matter

Well, for a start, when it comes to perfume, size doesn’t matter. You don’t need to know (or guess) at your partner’s shoe size, or dress size to get a bottle of perfume, and you don’t need to ask either, hence spoiling the surprise. Buying perfume helps you to avoid those questions that could prove to be a little bit awkward.

Gift Wrapped

Many perfumeries and online perfume sales will offer a gift wrap option at the point of sales, so you can ensure that your gift reaches the recipient looking absolutely stunning. When you see gifts handed over in the movies, they always look exquisite, your gift can look like this too.

You can take an educated guess

If you know a fragrance that your partner loves, then you can take an educated guess at something that your partner might also like from looking at something with similar top notes, or something else that is floral, or spiced etc. You can also ask expert staff on the perfume counter for some advice or recommendations if you are lacking ideas.

It’s a glamorous gift idea

Perfume is a luxury item, a glamorous gift idea that most of us would be pleased to receive in our Christmas stockings.It’s nice to receive a new to us fragrance, or to receive an old and much loved favourite. Ultimately, it is a win win situation on December 25th.


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