Why Servicing Your Car Is So Important

When a car first leaves the salesroom, it is at the height of perfection, with everything running smoothly, it is in tip top condition. But once it has left the salesroom and you now sit behind the steering wheel, you now have the responsibility of making sure your car remains roadworthy and is looked after. Making sure your car is serviced regularly is one of the ways you can ensure this.

Wherever you live, you can make sure your car is fully serviced. For instance, if you live in Stirling convenient car servicing is offered within a few clicks by Fife Autocentre who offer fixed priced car servicing options and also offer van servicing too. Your car should be serviced regularly, at least every 12 months, or every 12,000 miles is a generally agreed timescale. Sticking to this timeline should ensure your car maintains peak condition and you get more miles and years of service out of it.

So why should you have regular car servicing?

The main, and most important reason for having your car serviced is that it identifies problems with your car and its main components. This can ensure that your car doesn’t break down, or, worse still, become involved in an accident due to a failure or malfunction.

All cars are subject to wear and tear, but having your car serviced helps to identify this, and can save you money in the long run by being able to repair something rather than having to completely replace it.

A regular service could see your car running more smoothly, or lead to be being more fuel efficient – another way you could be making a financial saving.

What Should be included in a Full Service?

Car servicing differs amongst different service suppliers, but at a rule of thumb it should include an oil and filter change, break checks, a visual inspection of your vehicle, topping up of all fluids, and will also check between 45-60 of your cars components. Any additional work for problems identified is not included in the cost, but can often be booked at the same garage.

If your car is long overdue a service, then you really shouldn’t wait any longer. Be sure to add car servicing to your calendar and then to make sure you adhere to this each year. In this way, you should keep your car as economical and safe as possible.