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Why this Winter is still all about Amy Winehouse

It is 5 months since we heard the tragic news that Amy Winehouse had died, and yet this December is turning into the months that is all about Amy. The launch of a new album, Lioness, which has skyrocketed straight to Number 1, the auction of the now iconic Disaya dress that was worn on the cover of Back to Black,  and now the launch of the final collection for Fred Perry means the iconic singer is as much a part of the fashion/Music mainstream as she was at her height.

The Disaya dress had been expected to sell for approximately £20,000,but in the event it went for more than double that amount, selling for £43,200 at the Kerry Taylor Auction house. The dress, printed chiffon and  polka dots was sold by Disaya for the Amy Winehouse foundation, and will now disappear to a fashion museum in Chile, a shame such an iconic item couldn’t stay in the UK, but money to a good cause all the same.


Amy’s new cd, Lioness, jumped to the top of my Christmas list when it was released on Monday. A mixture of early versions of classic Amy songs, along with her duet with Tony Bennett, Body and Soul, this CD has been selling like crazy since the release. My mom went out and got the CD on Monday, showing what a diverse audience Amy appealed to.


In fashion news, Amy’s S/S 2012 Fred Perry collection has also been released this month. Fred Perry say “…Referencing Amy’s love of 1950s Americana and art deco Miami, the collection features an exclusive print scattered with Cadillacs, jukeboxes and cat eye sunglasses in a palette of pink mist, pale blue and black. This collection just evokes the era of Diner, rock and roll and the period 1955-1962. It screams Amy, and is all the lovelier, and all the sadder for this. My favourite pieces include the Juke Box print bowling bag and printed shirt dress, and the gorgeous long line cardigan.

Long line cardigan £95 
Printed shirt dress £125 


Amy Print Bowling Bag £75.00 click to visit Fred Perry

It seems we are unable to part with our Amy obsession just yet, but with the Amy Winehouse foundation, maybe something good will emerge from so tragic a loss. RIP Amy. Gone but never forgotten.x

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