Why We Need Love Now More Than Ever

The times we live in are uncertain, but we know that we will, eventually move towards better times. For most of us, we take strength from our families and loved ones, whether they live with us in our current isolation, or whether we talk to them on our Facetime, party apps or just on the telephone each day. But for some people, this sense of isolation is even more acute.

For those who already lived alone, through situations such as not being married, being divorced, being a widow, or even being happily single through choice, the situation can now be a really lonely one, as you are no longer in touch with people on a day to day basis. We are, in the main, not at work, not going to the school gates or using public transport, or enjoying a shopping or theatre date with friends. The days can seem long and lonely.

These situations may be why there has been a surge in usage in online dating apps and websites. This seems to be a worldwide trend, with the Cheshire dating site Date Cheshire Singles just one of those who are noticing an increase in new clients in the UK, whilst news agency Reuters have reported a rise in younger daters coming aboard in cities like New York, currently in the middle of a real health crisis during the lockdown. They reported OkCupid marketing chief Melissa Hobley as saying  “What we’re seeing on OkCupid is a real desire to connect. As more and more folks are working from home, cancelling all social plans, not traveling, some are already feeling lonely and a bit isolated.’

But dating is not just the preserve of the young, and sites who are dedicated to more mature love like over 50s dating in Cheshire are also seeing an upsurge in the use of their messages between matched users, and an increase in contact through video calling. As our feelings of loneliness and isolation really start to kick in, it seems more than ever we want that feeling of human contact, of chat and laughter, or someone to talk to and listen to, and these videos and messages allow for some level of that. Even if it doesn’t lead to the romance of the century, it may allow for friendship and companionship, something that is in short supply for some people at the present time.

Online dating is more challenging at the moment than in any other time in recent history. Online chat is usually the forerunner for actually meeting in person and dating, and at the current time we really don’t know when this will be possible, when the current restrictions will be lifted, so that we can not only meet up to date, but have somewhere to go for a date. But video calling, Skype and Face time do give us the option to chat face to face, and this means that relationships can start to develop, and certainly giving you something to look forward to when this finally ends.


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