Why You Should Add An Ensuite Bathroom

If you start to look at home improvements as soon as Spring comes around, then you may be looking at ways to make your home more comfortable, or more saleable. One way you could the look of your home, and certainly up the comfort levels could be through an ensuite bathroom. Maybe you already have one and are looking at improving an ensuite bathroom, if not, you might be looking to add one to your master bedroom.

If you are still in the considering stage, here are some good reasons why it might be the best thing you ever did to your home.

Your own toilet, your own bath or shower!

The first, and maybe the best reason for wanting an ensuite is that you no longer have to join the queue for the bathroom, whether that be first thing in the morning when you are all rushing to work and school, or of an evening, when you want to luxuriate in the bath, but others have the same idea.

An ensuite gives you the space of your own, and means you no longer have to follow your kids in, which will also hopefully mean you no longer have to clean pee off the seat before you use it (If you have a boy child, you no exactly where I’m coming from.)


If your family bathroom is situated downstairs, then an ensuite also becomes a practical measure, particularly if you are one of those people who get up to use the toilet during the night. It can also have a more luxurious practicality when you are getting ready for a big night out, as you can go directly from your bath or shower to your dressing table without have to traipse through the house dressed only in a towel.


An ensuite is definitely something that can add to the sale-ability of your home. It is a desirable feature and makes the master bedroom even more special, creating a grown up, adult haven which can be so attractive if you have a growing family – we all need our own space, even if it is only to use the loo in peace.

Do you have an ensuite bathroom?


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9 thoughts on “Why You Should Add An Ensuite Bathroom

  1. If I ever owned a house this would definitely have to be in my floor plan. You made such sense with this post as to why it’s a good idea to have one!

  2. I have had it both ways – This is definitely the way to go. It is so convenient!!

  3. An en-suite bathroom is way too convenient for sure as much as it adds more comfort to the master bedroom.I’d definitely have one when the time comes for me to live in my own house. I also love the interior decor of the first en-suite!Wow!

  4. What a great idea for project in the spring! There’s something luxurious about having your very own and sweet. It is as though you are a grown up! ☺️ Parents totally deserve their own space for the love and service they provide to their children. Not only is it practical, a great financial investment. xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence.com

  5. So many great reasons why an ensuite bathroom is great to have. I currently share a bathroom with my kids and would love to have my own private bathroom.

  6. This is an awesome tip to have an ensuite bathroom. Definitely will consider this in our home.

  7. I do not have an ensuite bathroom, my house isn’t big enough for that. Whenever I get my own house I want to get one.

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