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3 Interior Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Interior design can be both easy and satisfying if you approach it the right way, but it doesn’t take much to turn it into one long, expensive, stress-fest. Good interior design takes a keen and knowledgeable eye, a lot of planning, and for most of us, some shrewd budgeting decisions. If you’re about to start a big home makeover to create your dream home, here are three common interior design mistakes that you need to avoid…

Forgetting About Scale

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One crucial element of interior design that almost every newbie tends to overlook is scaling. When you enter a well-designed room, it should be a tasteful mesh of different heights and sizes. Any space where everything’s the same sort of level or size will look flattened out or too cramped. You can accomplish good scaling by planning for a range of different heights and sizes in all your furnishings, decorative pieces, window treatments, and anything else. If you fill a room with a high number of small objects, you’ll clutter it and fail to give guests’ eyes anywhere to settle. Fewer, larger items can make it look tightly packed, and much smaller than it is. Proper scaling is too important to forego, so make sure this is part of your plan. The Spruce has a great article on this.

Failing to Buy Textiles Before Anything Else

One of the most common mistakes that interior design newbies are guilty of is painting a space before picking the things they’ll fill it with. Put that brush down! The first thing you should worry about is picking out rugs, curtains and other fabrics. This is simply down to the fact that it’s much easier to pick the fabrics and materials that you love first, and then a colour scheme to match. Sure, certain pieces like a Plumeria Bay goose down pillow will be very versatile with other design elements, but when it comes to throw cushions, drapes, blankets and so on, you’ll be much more limited in terms of the colours you can combine with them. After establishing a budget and the size of the space you’re decorating, go on a shopping trip focussing solely on fabrics and textiles. Once you pick out a few pieces that you absolutely adore, you’ll have a great foundation for planning a colour scheme.

Forgetting to Budget for Art

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Unless you want your home to look overly minimalist, boring and cold, you’re going to need some form of art in the home, whether it’s a classic oil painting or a personal photo you’ve had made into a canvas. Make sure you’re leaving enough space in the budget for this. While it’s good to give yourself some flexibility for tweaking your interior design as you go along, spend some time looking at the kind of art pieces you’d want to hang up online, and using what you find to carve off a rough figure in your budget. Remember to keep scaling in mind! You certainly don’t want an interior with a lovely colour scheme but totally bare walls.


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