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Introducing: Cushions From Cult Furniture

There are many things that can change the look of a room. Changing the lighting, adding photographs and prints, or adding a rug, can all make a room look different, even changing your radiators to column radiators can make a difference if you can’t afford a complete overhaul. Another thing that can soften the edges and add personality is through the use of cushions. Cushions can be used to add colour or pattern, to break up the block colour of your sofa, and, of course, to add extra comfort. We had a new sofa just before Christmas and our current cushions didn’t match, so I turned to Cult Furniture, who specialise in modern furniture, to find just the right designs.

Cult Furniture is a company that prides itself on good, modern design. They say:-

At Cult Furniture, we believe beautiful design should be accessible to everyone who desires it. Whether it’s modern creations or timeless classics, our in-house team provides the perfect piece to complete your interior decor and stylistic vision. Not only is everything luxurious and innovative, it’s also affordable…we promise!

Cult Furniture has a love of mid century design, and offers a range of prints, patterns and textures in its fabric choices. Their cushion range is diverse and interesting, and was full of choices that were a perfect match for the tan leather of my new sofa. I wanted a range of cushions that could be mixed and matched rather than one design – mismatched rather than uniform. I also wanted them to echo our taste and interests – predominantly an Art Deco style that I love.

The cushions I opted for included the Zante Geometric Diamond Cushion that is now available in a green and gold option. This is the perfect Art Deco cushion and is 100% cotton. I love the metallic elements of this cushion, which is stylish and elegant.


Cult Living Zante Geometric Diamond Cushion, Green and Gold
Cult Living Zante Geometric Diamond Cushion, Green and Gold £30 Click to visit Cult Furniture

To add a touch of fun, I loved the LOVE cushion which continues the metallic theme due to the gold lettering on the front. This cushion is the epitome of a bargain buy – can you believe it is just £6!


Cult Design Love Cushion - Gold & White
Cult Design Love Cushion – Gold & White £6 Click to visit Cult Furniture

The third cushion I chose is now out of stock, but to add similar elements of colour you could opt for the Geometric triangle cushion which has similar colour elements.


Geometric Triangle Cushion, Pastel and Gold
Geometric Triangle Cushion, Pastel and Gold £25 Click to visit Cult Furniture
 Cushions from Cult Furniture

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