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Traditional Toys From Jaques of London

As a child of the 1970’s, I guess I always believe that toys were so much better then. Traditional toys made of wood always seemed like they were built to last, not like the bits of plastic that are commonplace today. Toys then were made to be used a lot, to be loved a lot, but also, we we had grown out of them, they got passed on to siblings and still seemed as good as new. It would be hard to think of doing that with any toys that you are able to buy today.

Or would it? There is still a brand that appreciates the beauty of good, well made, traditional toys and still strives to provide the current generation of children with toys that their parents and grandparents would’ve loved. This is a company that has been around for more than 200 years (from 1795 to be exact) and generally has children at the centre of its thoughts when designing and inventing toys and games. I am talking about the wonderful Jaques of London who say:

As a family who have been inventing and making toys & games since 1795, we believe in the power of play and quality family time spent together.

Jaques of London has a wide range of gift ideas that start from birth and go right through childhood. They also have gaming ideas that has nothing to do with a console or hand held device, and instead take on traditional pastimes like chess, backgammon and draughts, making them lovely gift ideas for adults as well as children. If you are a non parent, buying a gift for a child, the Jaques of London website is made easier to navigate by being split into age appropriate sections, so you can simply click on the age – i.e toys for two year olds, and then browse the selections.

I have used the Jaques of London website this year to choose Christmas gifts for my nephew, Freddie is two and a half and is at the stage when toys need to be sturdy and hard wearing. He is as liable to throw something on the floor as he is to place it down, he is also liable to put things into his mouth, or, worst still, to put small pieces into his ears ( a true habit of his). Any gift given needs to be safe, to be able to withstand a real bashing, but also needs to stimulate, to be bright and colourful so that he really wants to play with it, rather than passing by on the way to something more interesting.


This is a rather gorgeous truck made from wood that is a car transporter, so comes with some smaller, brightly coloured cars that are perfect for small hands. The cars fit perfectly into the transporter and are brilliant for imaginative play as children can create their own scenarios for the cars.

The car transporter is wonderfully top quality, featuring 100% FSC approved wood and water-based paint, making it perfect for hours of safe play. The wooden cars and lorries are lightweight, portable and solid and will enjoy hours of play.

My second choice ties in with the car theme. It is the Wooden Car Park  which is made of 100% FSC approved wood, meaning it is sustainably sourced as well as being solid, smooth and robust. This is a wonderfully colourful toy that will certainly catch the eye, and with the fun ramps on the car park, it will also hold the attention.

This is a present that will give a child hours of fun:

This toy car park is ideal for independent and collaborative play. Your little ones can spend hours taking it in turns to race cars down the winding ramps or use the toy garage as a prop in role play or play setups. Collaborative play teaches kids to take turns, play nicely with one another, develops patience and communication skills.

Jaques of London currently has a three for two offer on many toys, and free delivery over £50, so you still have time to find a wonderful Christmas gift that will surprise and delight.

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