3 Reasons Families Are Choosing Artificial Grass

During summer months, our gardens form the hubs of our social lives. From barbecues to parties, when the weather is fine there is nothing more rewarding then getting outside and enjoying the space in the comfort of our own property.

For families, gardens are often even more crucial to day-to-day living.

In a day-and-age where we spend more time looking at screens than we do getting fresh air, having a safe and manageable outdoor space literally on your doorstep is a fantastic opportunity to encourage kids to enjoy the great outdoors.

But, when natural lawns endure vigorous footfall, sports, or boisterous pets, the result can leave your garden in a right mess. Bald patches can leave it looking unsightly, while muddy spots and potholes might render the lawn a no-go zone or even downright unsafe.

So how do you promote outdoor family time without compromising on the aesthetics or safety of your garden?

The solution is artificial grass.

A Mess-Free Garden Solution

One of the biggest benefits of having an artificial lawn installed in your garden is that you can wave goodbye to mud and mess.

Artificial grass is installed with a perforated backing that allows rainwater to easily drain away. That means no muddy puddles or boggy patches, even after the heaviest of downpours.

This is beneficial to your family year-round. In summer, it means your garden won’t be reduced to a Glastonbury-esque mud bath after the heavens open. Following a downpour, pets and children can be let outside to enjoy the outdoors without the worry that they will churn up the lawn through their activity and track unsightly footprints through the house.

It also means that, in the winter, the garden can still be enjoyed on milder days with no mess, danger, or damage to the lawn.

Safety First

When gardens become muddy and bogged down with rainwater, they can quickly become unsafe. Artificial grass provides a soft, non-slip solution that keeps your family safe however they choose to enjoy the lawn. There are even options available to install shock-resistant mats or a foam underlay to protect your little ones from falls, particularly if your garden features play equipment such as climbing frames or trampolines.

Not only that, but they don’t require the use of fertilisers or other additional chemicals that have the potential to be harmful to your family or pets.

Low Maintenance

Busy lifestyles aren’t always conducive to natural lawns. Whether you’re often out and about attending social events with the kids in tow, or you work long hours, gardens can and do take a back seat to other essential household chores.

Because of this, when you have a natural lawn it can quickly grow out of hand – particularly in the growing season. Artificial lawns takes these maintenance jobs, like mowing, strimming, feeding and weeding, off your hands entirely giving you more precious time to spend with your family.

With minimal effort, your garden can look fresh and well-kept throughout the year. That’s not to say that artificial turf is totally without maintenance, but it is a lot simpler and takes far less time than tending to a natural lawn.

It’s no shock that more and more families are choosing to have artificial lawns installed in their gardens.

Advances in technology mean that even high-quality budget turf can look ultra-realistic, especially when they are installed by an experienced professional. At New Lawn Artificial Grass we pride ourselves on supplying customers with high quality artificial grass products to suit their needs – all with a guaranteed 10 year warranty.

If you’re looking to create a family friendly garden for your household, get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss what we can do to meet your needs and your budget.

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