5 Budget-Friendly Hobbies To Try This Year

Looking to try something you’ve never done before? Hobbies are a great way to learn something new and maybe even find something you love! 

More importantly, however, hobbies have positive effects on your brain. They give you self-determination over your time and your life and leave you with a stronger sense of control. They’ve even been proven to improve mental health and depression. 

The downside of getting invested in a hobby is, of course, the cost. Some hobbies can run you a pretty penny and the more invested you become, the more you have to spend. 

If you’re looking for a hobby that won’t break the bank, read on for 5 budget-friendly hobbies to try this year! 

Outdoor Hobbies 

Picking up an outdoor hobby is a great way to bring some sunshine into your life. The best thing about the outdoors is that it is, of course, free! Get outside and try these hobbies this spring. 

According to the Mental Health Journal, gardening can reduce stress, improve mood, and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Better yet, it’s extremely inexpensive. To go budget friendly, ask friends and family for clippings of their plants and learn how to propagate them in water. Once they’ve got some good roots, you’re ready to plant. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful, thriving garden. 

Try Rec Sports

Missing your school-days team sports? Join a recreational sports league in your neighborhood. All you need to pay is a small membership fee each season, typically $100. Everything else will be provided for you! 

Rec sports are a great choice for social folks. It’s an opportunity to meet and bond with a whole new community. Nothing brings people together like a little friendly competition! 

Get Hiking 

For those in the mood for an adventure, hiking is an awesome option. There are thousands of free trails all over the nation and surely plenty of options that are just a short drive from you. If you’re interested in exploring what our nation’s national parks have to offer, look into a national parks pass. At just $80 each year, you’ll have access to over 2,000 national parks across and federal recreational lands across the country. 

Gear-wise, hiking can cost as much or as little as you’d like it to. For easy trails without a lot of incline or unsteady terrain, your athletic sneakers will do just fine. If you’d like to step your gear game up, try shopping at outdoor retailers’ outlet stores, where you’ll find last season’s styles at significantly reduced prices. 

Artistic Hobbies 

Feeling crafty? Artistic hobbies are an amazing way to get your creative juices flowing. Many find that, after picking up an artistic hobby, they’re more creative in all parts of their lives. Here are some to try on a budget

Learn Photography

Once upon a time, if you wanted to learn photography, you had to purchase an entirely new device to do so. These days, we’ve all got a camera built right into our phones. That means photography isn’t only easily accessible, but it’s also free. 

You can find lots of online photography classes on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Plus, there are plenty of effective editing apps in your phone’s app store for free. 

Try Resin Art 

Have you heard of resin art? It’s all the rage in the craft world right now. It’s an easy way to make beautiful and long-lasting goods like jewelry, sculptures, household objects, and more! 

Resin art involves mixing colors, glitters, and more into epoxy resin and then allowing it to dry into a solid object. For many items, a silicone mold can be used to get the right shape. For tabletops or other flat surfaces, epoxy resin can simply be poured right on top! 

To keep this craft budget-friendly, it’s wise to purchase bulk epoxy resin. This will give you access to high-quality, long-lasting resin at accessible prices. 

With these ideas in mind, you’re ready to find a new hobby that brings you joy!


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