A perfect Selfie – There is a way!

As I write this, Ed Milliband has resigned. And, in his resignation speech, he has uttered the immortal words “…”Thanks for all the selfies…”, mentioning a phenomenon that was unknown at the time of the last election in 2010. But with the rise of Instagram and social media, the ultimate way to share has become part of everyday life, even taking it’s place in the general election of 2015.

I must admit I love a good selfie, but I am not always the best at taking them. Cutting off the top of heads or obscuring the face are all part of the experience for me, although this has been helped in some part by the selfie stick I received as a gift earlier this year. Part of the fun of selfies are that they are not perfect photography, you don’t need to be David Bailey to take one, anyone can take a selfie!

A few of my selfies from Instagram


With my mom and sister.


At Strictly Come Dancing live


With my Joe on Mother’s Day

New year's Eve Selfie with the hubby

New year’s Eve Selfie with the hubby

Blue Vanilla have put together a great infographic which gives hints and tips on how to take a good selfie, including looking at angles and getting the light right. It also gives some interesting facts about the which country is the biggest fan of selfies, and how many people retouch their selfies. (Don’t do it people.)

If you want to check out more of my selfies, you can follow me on Instagram at https://instagram.com/fashionmommywm/

Where will you be taking your Selfies this weekend?


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6 thoughts on “A perfect Selfie – There is a way!

  1. Great guide.. I do love a good selfie but hate that I feel so rubbish after them, judging myself. You could to a post related to that too!
    Loved this post! x

  2. I hate taking selfies because I always find something wrong with my face… haha. That being said we did take an awesome family selfie last week. I loved it that much I used it as my cover photo on Facebook. 🙂

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