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5 quirky beauty tips for tricky body spots in sun, sea & sand

If you are off to a sun soaked hot location for your summer break you need to be well prepared. It’s not just a case of a trip down to the supermarket for some cheap small air flight bottles of convenient creams etc. the day or so before you fly….oh definitely no!

Nobody wants to look like a piece of al dente pasta on that beach towel. Perish the thought of your first evening out dressed to impress with red swollen patches on your skin and itchy eyes!

No – there are certain things to be taken care of at least a week if not more -before you jet away. These tips also depend on your individual circumstance!


  • The sun and scar tissue.  Almost everyone has a scar even if it is just a small cut from perhaps a domestic accident. More common are from surgical procedures, perhaps tattoo removal, or an operation, and they can be anywhere and vary in size. A scar like this may take months to heal!


So if you have a tattoo but are proud of it then extra daily moisturiser on that area will not only protect the area but will bring out the colour. However if you have maybe had a tattoo removed and are the proud possessor of a recent scar/sensitive skin area, then you must be aware of the extra care needed to protect your healing skin which is now very sensitive. The same goes for operation scars – and especially scarring on your face.

New healing techniques can help to reduce the appearance of scars a lot but not if they get too much sun. Sun will thicken the tissue and make it go lighter or darker permanently, than your normal skin colour. On your face you must apply loads of at least a factor 15 cover, on your body scars at least factor 30.


  • Birthmarks and the sun – there are different types of birthmark but basically they all require similar attention. Apply a thicker than normal layer of sun cream on the area – at least SPF 30 or more and check that the one you buy protects you from UVA and UVB rays. Too much exposure may darken the mark permanently.
  • Buy some good sunglasses – There are some really cool fashionable glasses just everywhere for sale. However bearing in mind that the sun shoots out rays from a variety of angles….and the sun moves even if you don’t when you are lying still soaking up the sun…then choose wrap around glasses or at least close fitting ones.



It doesn’t actually matter what tint light or dark the glasses are as long as they have UVA and UVB protection. Closing your eyes is NOT the answer! Though designed to protect the eye, the eyelid’s skin is thin and fragile plus inside the eye, the transparent cornea and lens do filter UV rays, but UV light can damage them permanently.


  • Hair waxing and removal – to go with that sun kissed smooth glowing tan this is part of achieving something the majority of us consider before our holiday. Often it may be something we take expert advice on and go for a more permanent solution such as laser hair removal. For this you do need to make sure you go to a proper recommended medical facility. They will tell you exactly how it works – e.g. the hair will only fall out after 10/14 days! It is also advisable to stay out of the sun for at least 7-10 days after the procedure.


Linked with this is my final tip –


  • Fake tans – Yes definitely go for one. Either do it yourself with a good crème and apply with care – and there are some brilliant crèmes out there or go and get a professional spray. It’s a ‘must’ to avoid looking like the ‘new tourist’ on the beach that first day! However bear in mind that should you go for a spray tan do remember that salt water makes it fade quickly! Also remember that hair removal by waxing will open your skins pores so self tanning cream will just soak in… you brown spots. Wait for 24 hours BEFORE doing your tan or else!



SO DO ENJOY your holiday but if you have any problems or worries with your skin, about scarring, tattoo removal or professional hair removal my advice is to seek out professional advice. Local clinics such as The Fylde Clinic provide best advice on all skin aesthetic treatments to get you ready for your summer break.

Quirky tips……but very important!


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