5 Things every home must include in their holiday decor this year

It is that time of year again! Before long it will be time for Thanksgiving and then the Christmas decorations will promptly come out. Decorating your home for the holidays is a tradition that has been taking place in the US for decades. Families get excited about decorating the home together and it becomes a tradition that the young and old look forward to every single year. There is something about the holidays that brings a family closer and encourages them to give thanks for the great year that they had together as they prepare for another one to begin. Decorating one’s home for the holidays has been a tradition for years and there are certain things that are important to include in your decor planning. This article will highlight some of the best things that every home should include in their holiday decor this year.


  • Christmas projector lights. The latest and greatest trend of the season are projector Christmas lights that project a variety of patterns on to one’s home. Depending on the type of projector you purchase, you can add festive shapes, patterns, or sayings to your front door, yard, or entire exterior of your home. Some models allow you to change the pattern based on the day of the week so that your home is always decorated in a different way.
  • Christmas LED lights. LED lights are bright and use less energy than the typical lighting packages. If you have strands of lights that need to be replaced, it is in your best interest to invest in the LED type as they will last much longer and will shine brighter than any other lights you have ever had. To learn more about the variety of LED lights that are on the market, be sure to check out the products list on

  • Blow up characters. Another great way to decorate your front yard is to invest in some blow up characters. When plugged into electricity, the blow up characters will inflate due to a fan that is installed internally. Blow up characters are so popular that many families have so many of them that they rotate through them so that their home never has the same decorative look twice. The best time to buy these blow up characters is after the holiday season when they go on sale for a deeply discounted price. Otherwise, they can be quite pricey.

  • Personalized Christmas stockings. Hanging Christmas stockings on the mantle is a tradition that has been passed down through generations and is one that is seen as a standard tradition in many households. If you do not have a mantle, avoid skipping out on this tradition and instead find another way to hang the stockings. Perhaps you hang them from a bookshelf or decorative table. Wherever you choose to hang them, keep the tradition going and be creative in making up your own version that will fit your home and decor.


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