5 Tips for Clearing that Messy Cupboard

We all have that messy cupboard. You know, the one where all of your junk and clutter goes – all with the idea that one day you will finally get it organised. Expect, for most of us, we never get around to clearing out our cupboard. Indeed, we just keep packing in more items until we really need to force the door closed. 

All in all, that token messy cupboard is the last place that you’d want any visitors to open and see your clutter. Which is why, now is the time to get yourself organised and deal with your cupboard. 

The only problem is, where do you start?

1: Get Everything Out 

Before you can decide how you’re going to organise your cupboard and decide on its primary use, you’re going to have to see what’s in there. After all, if this clutter has been building up for years, there’s a good chance that you’ve forgotten about lots of the things in there. 

So, get the cupboard open and start arranging into different piles – such as toys, games, crafts, clothes – all depending on what’s in there. 

2: Make Your Cupboard Useful 

Once you’re removed all your cupboard contents and seen what you have, you should have a good idea of what you’d like to use that cupboard for. For instance, you might want to use it primarily as a cloak room, where everyone keeps their jackets and shoes. Or, if you need the storage, you might wish to store belongings in there in a more organised way. 

3: Make Use of Useful Storage Tools 

Now that you know what you’d like to use your cupboard for, it’s time to get your thinking cap on and work out how to make that space as useful as possible. This will really be dependent on what you’re using your cupboard for, but there are plenty of ideas on places like Pinterest that can really inspire you. 

If your cupboard is to be used for storage, you’ll want to organise it in a fashion that makes it easy for you to find anything at short notice. Here, items like cubed storage, shelving and over-door storage can help make sure everything has a proper place. 

4: Only Keep What You Need 

The key point to really making your messy cupboard organised is to be brutal and only keep what you really need in that cupboard. Otherwise you’ll just be setting yourself up for that cupboard to get just as messy n a few short months. 

Instead, while you’re removing items from the cupboard, also sort items into a pile that you don’t plan on keeping. As, by having less items to go in your cupboard, it will be far easier to make it tidier. 

5: Decide Where Unwanted Items Are Going 

Once you’ve decided what you are keeping and you’ve got it nicely organised into your all-new cupboard, it’s time to decide what you’re going to do with anything you’re not keeping. Here it’s a good idea to further split these items into what you’d like to give to charity and what’s for rubbish. 

Here you might want to consider a rubbish uplift from Kwiksweep, where everything you don’t want can be picked up in a way that’s super convenient to you. Plus, unlike other uplifts, our team will try to recycle or reuse as much of your junk as possible, saving it from landfills. 


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