5 Wardrobe Essentials for Lounging at Home In Style

When the weather cools down, our style shifts from summery and carefree to be a bit more covered up, but that doesn’t mean winter fashion has to be all functional. Actually you’ll find that a lot of fashionistas love to dress for autumn and winter. They love the chunky knits, scarves and boots and I don’t blame them at all. In cooler temperatures, how we dress in the comfort of our own homes changes too. I love to snuggle up in front of my couch and catch up on my favorite shows, and I don’t mind doing so in a nice slouchy outfit. Sometimes you just want to kick the high heels off and trade them in for fluffy slippers. You just want your hair in a messy bun with no fuss and frills so you can spend time with the family, throw on a face mask and enjoy home comforts like a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

This is where really good comfortable loungewear comes in. I get to feel relaxed but still add a touch of fashion to my home style. Home clothes don’t have to be boring or feel like you’re wearing your PJs. With a few smart fashion choices we can express our style without trying too hard. I’ve found that a lot of bloggers and moms who work from home still want to look good, and considering that there are so many of us now, it’s actually becoming a huge market.

Fashion brands are taking notice. For example, Gym Shark’s Slounge set is great for a lazy day indoor. It still looks very stylish so you will still look really good, not like you just rolled out of bed. So how do you build up the more loungey part of your wardrobe if the pieces aren’t already stuffed in a forgotten box somewhere? What are some stylish but comfortable pieces that are perfect for a chilled day in? Let’s dig in and talk about some fun additions you can add to your life.

Chunky Longline Cardigan

You don’t have to relax at home in your bathrobe, though you can wear a piece that comes pretty close. A big cardigan over joggers and a t-shirt is a go-to look. I love this look because it has a folksy feel to it but can still look quite sophisticated. It also means you might not even need a blanket when you’re catching up on movies.


A good ol’ hoodie

Don’t knock hoodies, they are warm, comfy and easy to throw on. They don’t even have to be plain boring hoodies either, you can go colorful, printed and even styled with zippers and cutouts. If you love hoodies, check out this place where you can get wholesale hoodies for you and the whole family. You could literally have a hoodie for each day of the week if you wanted!

Yoga Pants

We all know that yoga pants aren’t just for yoga, they’ve basically become fashion staples in their own right. When you’re sitting at home just trying rest and take it easy, a pair of comfy, well-fitting pants will never steer you wrong. Brands like LuluLemon have really taken casual and sportswear to the max and this is something you can take advantage in the name of functional fashion.


Before you think of the onesies your 9-year old wears, there are actually some really stylish, slinky and sophisticated onesies out there. Nothing says slouchy fashion and enjoying the great indoors like a great casual jumpsuit. You don’t even have to think of pairing it with something else. When you’re zipped up, you’re ready to get movie night started.

Cami Top

Cami tops are one of those fashion items that a gal needs a lot of in her closet. Some are perfect for gym, and others can be dressed up with a blazer over them. And then there’s the cute, comfy ones to wear at home. They work great with basically any bottoms, including shorts, joggers and those yoga pants I mentioned above!

So there you have it, 5 pieces that will glow up your home style, and make you look and feel good while you’re taking some time out from the rush and hustle and bustle. We all have those weekends where leaving the house is the last thing we want to do. It’s good to know that while we’re resting we can still have fun with fashion.

What are your go-to outfits for relaxing at home?


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