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7 Tips for Staying Cool (and fashionable) in the Office


 Do you work in an office? Are you looking for the perfect summer office outfits that will keep you both stylish and cool? Planning for that hot summer heat is challenging when you always need to look professional and confident. However, with a little planning and a few key clothing and accessory purchases, you will be well on your way to staying cool and fashionable this summer in your office. It can be tempting to ditch professionalism when it is so hot outside, but fight that temptation by purchasing airy summer clothing that is fit for the office environment. You will find these pieces are versatile, light and fashionable. Read on to learn more about how you can beat the heat and stay in style with these seven key tips!

Tip #1:

Wear a t-shirt beneath your suit that is made from a lightweight fabric that wicks away sweat. You often can find these shirts at sporting goods and camping stores. They can be a little pricey, but all you need are a few. Simply put them on beneath your blouse or collared shirt. Throughout the day, the wicking t-shirt will keep you cool because it lifts sweat away from your body and dries quickly.

Wicking t-shirt from Regatta

Tip #2:

Wear a lightweight suit. In the summer, you can no longer wear your wools suit. Instead, opt for a summer suit made of lightweight cotton or linen. You can still get the professional look of a suit but the material will feel breezy and airy. You will not feel weighed down by the heavier fabrics of your winter suits, and you will be able to move around the office and work freely.

Tip #3:

If you are a woman, purchase a lightweight tank blouse made of silk, satin, or another lightweight fabric. This is the perfect shirt to wear beneath a paint suit or a skirt suit. Tuck it in to a pencil skirt and throw on a lightweight cardigan, and you have the perfect, airy office look.

Tip #4:

Slip on a pair of wicking socks to go with your office shoes. These socks, like the wicking t-shirt, move sweat away from your skin and keep your feet cool. You can get wicking socks in a wide variety of designs and colours to add a little fashion to your feet.

Tip #5:

Purchase a pair of stylish office shoes that are breathable and that have openings in the shoe. This could be as simple as a pump with a toe opening. Remember to paint your toenails! But it also could be a dressy sandal with a heel. If your office allows open-toed shoes, then select a shoe that is professional yet comfortable and that has cut-outs to allow air to circulate as you walk and work. You can choose these shoes in a number of colours and designs. This summer, mixed media shoes that combine different materials such as leather/metallic and nude pumps are in style. Select a version of these shoes for the perfect foot comfort and style in the office!

Peep toe and sling back shoes

Tip #6:

Wear a sunhat from the car to the office. This is a great way to stay cool as your commute. A sunhat is not appropriate for inside the office, but it is a cute choice for the commuter. Why not stay cool on your way in to work?

Tip #7:

Finally, don’t forget your sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses are worth investing in because they will protect your eyes and your eye area from the sun’s heat and UV rays. Wear them from your home to your office and back again every day this summer to help protect yourself and to stay cool and fashionable.

When the summer sun is beating down on you as early as 8 a.m., it can be a challenge to avoid sweating through your office suit. But there are a few key tricks you can follow to stay cool and fashionable and to remain that way throughout the day in your office. By purchasing the right summer clothing that is made from lightweight fabrics and made for the office, you will be able to remain confident throughout the day while also working in comfort.

‘This article was supplied by Josh Hervall, a keen blogger and fashion writer. He writes for, UK-based suppliers of office furniture’.

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