A Fashion Business: A Few Things To Consider.

Creating a stylish fashion business, even a small one that you run from home, requires you to know your market, source your supplies, sort out your storage and to promote accordingly. You need to look for a niche and to make yourself competitive in what is a saturated, but still hugely successful marketplace.

Trends and Originality

Fashion involves implementing various trends while maintaining originality. Offering something different from what is found currently in the marketplace, or looking ahead to new seasons trends could help you to find your own niche product or range. Read the magazines, look at what is upcoming, and then look at suppliers abroad, or think about working with a designer to create your own lines. This should help you to stand out in the crowd.

Using a Customs Warehouse

One of the problems with buying stock to sell is storing it safely and securely. This can be even more of an issue if your business is home based. More and more businesses are using storage units because they require just such space. If you are buying products from abroad, a customs warehouse could help you not only store your stock, but can spread the cost of duty payments as you will only pay duty once your product leaves the warehouse. This is known as bonded storage and can help your business as you can leave stock there until it is needed or sold on, helping you keep your cash for a little longer, useful for a new business where cash flow may not be as smooth.

Many bonded storage warehouses are located handily for ports so your stock can go right there on arrival in the UK.


Labels and Marketing

Your product line needs to catch the attention, and a snappy name for your business and a sharp, recognisable logo will help you to do this. A good, navigable website and savvy use of social media will also help you to establish a brand identity and build up an audience that is interested in your product. Social media in general is free to use, and web hosting for your website can be as cheap as a few pounds per month, but the customers it can bring to you are worth so much more, so don’t pass up that opportunity to promote.