A Feast Of Colour At The Critics Choice Awards

The Awards season continues to roll on, bringing with it shocks, omissions and fashion. This week has seen the nominations for the Oscars announced, with no noms for either Greta Gerwig for what has been acknowledged as a fantastic version of Little Women, and nothing for the frankly brilliant Taron Egerton as the Rocketman Elton John. Not sure why the Oscars always get it so wrong. Any answers welcome below.

This week has also seen the Critics Choice Awards, which was a much better night for style than the fright fest that was the Golden Globes. There were some seriously gorgeous choices on display, and lots and lots of bright colours, which in January is always something to enjoy. Coral, sunshine yellow and zesty orange all appeared, as did a rather lovely mint green. Jennifer Lopez opted for a simple elegant choice after her appearance as a late Christmas present at the Globes, whilst Nicole Kidman continued her great run of looks with a stunning black strapless classic ball gown.

I loved the tea length and the puff sleeved look worn by Olivia Wilde, and the styling was perfect, sparse of jewellery and worn with a sleek top knot. If you were looking for some old school Hollywood glamour, this was best illustrated by the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale in a silver column dress, whilst Anne Hathaway showcased one of her best looks in recent seasons in a glamorous gold gown that had an almost 1980’s feel with the excess of sparkle and the large balloon style sleeves.

All in all, I really enjoyed a lot of the looks from this particular awards show, with Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern being my fave looks. Next up is the SAG awards, which usually showcase a slightly more relaxed vibe, and are sure to be interesting.

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