A few tips for updating your bedroom on a budget

For me, Summer is always the time of year to decorate and renovate. The warm weather means that it’s OK to have all the windows open as paint dries, and once September hits, I’m too caught up in Christmas planning to give the house any real thought.

I had already mentioned in a previous post that we are currently planning on decorating the dining room before the summer is out, we also have plans for an overhaul in our bedroom too. But it has to be said that doing a host of home decoration at one time can be expensive, so I have put together a few tips that may help you stick to a budget.

Can’t afford a new bed – just change the mattress

A complete new bed – frame, headboard and mattress, can be very expensive, so why not just change the mattress. Wooden headboards can be repainted, but the changing of a mattress will make you feel like you are getting a new bed, especially if the old one had lost it’s bounce, or had a few springs popping up.

may be time for a new mattress...

may be time for a new mattress…

Save on a New Duvet

There are some very beautiful duvet sets out there, but they can be expensive, so why not look at the budget ranges available in Supermarkets. Asda do a great range of duvets for as little as £10, these look lovely without breaking the bank. If you chose a plain block colour, you can add interest with pretty scatter cushions.


unusual cushions can change the look of your bed.



Need New Furniture – Upcycle or check out the Charity Shops

Upcycling is a great way of finding new furniture for your bedroom – many people literally give things away on sites like Guntree or Freecycle, you just need to collect your item. You can sand down old wooden wardrobes, give them a fresh lick of paint or a distressed look to create something that looks new and fresh.

If you love the vintage look, it is well worth checking out furniture branches of charity shops like the British Heart Foundation and St Giles Hospice. They often stock wardrobes, chest of drawers and bedside tables and you can find some incredible finds.

Here are a few vintage pieces I have seen in charity shops and shared on my Instagram feed.




These are just a few simple and easy tips that could help you to re-style your bedroom on a small budget.


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  1. These are some great tips. I think it’s time for us to replace our mattress, thanks for the reminder 🙂 I also love upcycled furniture, I just never get the time to spend on it. K x

  2. An idea for the walls, buy a few blank artists canvases (Dunelm) and paint each one a single colour with acrylic paints, picking out colours from the room. Easy to do and quite striking if you hang three in a row.

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