A guide for what to look for in a suit.

For most men, one of the most important things you will ever buy is a smart, formal suit. You may choose to buy one for any number of reasons. You may be attending a wedding, Christening or funeral. You may be going for an important job interview. Or it might be your first day in that dream job and you want to look your absolute best. Whatever the reason for buying that suit, such an expensive purchase needs to be absolutely perfect as you will probably be calling on it for years.

But suits can also be a bit of a minefield. The fit is super important. To be smart it needs to be fitted. By this I mean not too tight unless you are aiming for a ‘mod’ look, but also not baggy either. This will just look slovenly and untidy. The fit should be comfortable – can you move those elbows and knees, and it must allow you to sit down without the threat of tearing when you take a seat (we’ve all seen funny comedies when this happens, and lets not forget Pep Guardiola here). 

There are lots of tips for what to look for when choosing a suit and the right accessories in the infographic I have featured below. It is published by dobell, the UK’s No. 1 Suiting Store (formally called MyTuxedo) and is full of really good advice linked to sizing and cut, the right ties to match your look and even a guide to lapel length.

For me, the most useful part concerns the right shoe colours for the suit depending on the colour of the suit. How often has a beautiful suit been spoiled by the wearing of totally wrong shoes? I’m talking that black suit/brown shoes combination that always brings a sharp intake of breath. This guide shows you the colours that work well together.

So whether you are a man buying a new suit, a teenager picking your first suit, or a lady buying a suit for that special man in your life, this guide is really useful to bookmark, or print out and take with you.

The Men's Guide to Wearing a Suit

Provided by Dobell

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  1. Oh this is interesting! A man in a well fitted suit looks so attractive. This advice will come in handy for my wedding next year 🙂

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