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A Look into Designer Resale Shops

Conscious consumerism has grown as a movement over the past few years. This interest in recycling used clothes and accessories has even reached the world of high end fashion. Consignment shops for designer wear have opened their doors to the general public for anyone who wants to buy, sell or trade gently used designer clothing and accessories. You can find anything from designer skirts to rare handbags on these sites. You can also list your own items as well as create virtual closets of your favorite designs.

One of the advantages of these designer consignment shops is that they generally tend to accept items that are only gently used. This means that many items appear close to brand new with no stains, tears or other imperfections. However, since they are previously owned items, they cost only a fraction of what they cost when you buy them brand new. Furthermore, there is also the chance that you can find vintage clothing and accessories no longer made by any designer.

Of course, this also means that you have the option of selling your own gently used designer wear. Online consignment shops like allow you to list your items when you want to sell. You can use a direct sales option and simply have the shop list your item after it has been approved. This means you are responsible for uploading a photo of the item as well as shipping and handling when it sales. However, the shop provides you with prepaid shipping labels.

Designer wear like this Alexander Wang bag can be found on Consignment sites
Designer wear like this Alexander Wang bag can be found on Consignment sites

If you have less experience in selling items online, you can look into a concierge service. With this service, you send the shop your items. This means that the company takes care of shipping and handling if your items sells. It also means that it takes care of photographing your item and retouching the photos if needed. The difference in the service comes in the amount of the commission you pay; the concierge service takes more of a commission than a direct sales option.

If your goal is not to make a profit from your items, you can also look into trading or swapping your items. Sometimes these exchanges work like an auction site. When you find an item you like, you can initiate a trade with a second party who may or may not agree to the exchange. There are also sometimes options that allow you to make an offer for an item. While this option can get you a bargain, a seller can decide to go with a better offer if there is one available.


The world of fashion has opened up its doors to conscious consumerism as well as to the general public with these designer consignment shops. You no longer have to be a fashion insider in order to take advantage of the used designer wear market. You can buy, sell or trade your gently used designer goods and recycle clothes that you know longer wear. Sometimes you may even make a vintage find to add to your closet.

This article was submitted by Denise Phillips, and employee of Walk in My Closet.

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