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A Touch Of Luxury From Lakeland Furniture

As a family, we like to entertain. We have a dining room that allows us to eat together, away from the television, most nights of the week, and we have a rather lovely dining table and chairs for the purpose. But there lies the problem. We have four chairs around our table, which is absolutely fine most of the time as we are a family of three. But once we have guests, we are grabbing for the emergency office chair so we can get around the table.

The solution is a new chair, something that will look at home in our dining room, and give us a rather more attractive option than the white office chair. The solution has been found at Lakeland Furniture who have a wide range of dining room chairs and bar stools that can be used as both the main design in a room, or to add to existing furniture as either a focal point, or to extend your provision.

The Opus Side Dining Chair in vintage brown is a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right. This is a stitched seat with a strong Art Deco style design, mainly due to that stitching detail that is on the faux leather headrest. The chair is a fixed height of 82cm and has painted, solid metal legs that lend the chair an air of elegance.

The chair has a chic look due to the use of faux leather, but this also adds a practicality to the design. Using Faux leather means it is wipe clean – useful if you are using it around a dining table, and even more useful if you have children. This means that maintaining the original look is fairly easy to do, you can simply use a kitchen wipe to wipe clean after use. We chose the tan version as this reminds me of the sort of 1930’s furniture used in Eltham Palace, hence keeping to our art deco passion. (There are lots of other colours available too.)

We are using this chair around our dining table when we need an extra chair. Our furniture is in a light wood finish, so it compares and contrasts beautifully. When not in use, we leave it as a feature on our wall next to a pair of art deco style drinks trolleys and it is literally perfect for the style we are trying to create which mixes original art deco finds with modern versions.

Lakeland Furniture is wonderful quality, and is easy to assemble. If you are looking for some new pieces for your home, I would definitely recommend you check out akeland Furniture.

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