Adding Wine Cocktails to your Christmas Menu

It is no secret that I am rather partial to a cocktail or two. My absolute favourite is a traditional Mojito, although I also tried a strawberry version this summer and found that to be rather divine too. But when it comes to Wine based cocktails, I have to admit that Sangria aside, I’m a little bit in the dark.

That might be why I totally love this Wine Cocktail infographic from Roberson Wine. It is made up of a whole range of fabulous cocktails that can be created using both red, Rose and white wine, and also has some variations on the classics, I mean, how utterly amazing does the Strawberry Rose Sangria sound.

As my traditional tipple at Christmas is a dark cream sherry (I know, blame my nan for that), I must say that I am most definitely going to be creating the Sherry Cobbler, which must surely be the Christmas day cocktail?

I think a few new cocktails will help your Christmas day be an amazing success.

Will you be trying something new, and wine based, this Christmas? Do you have a favourite cocktail, or do you prefer your wine crisp and traditional?

Roberson Wine - Wine Cocktails

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