Art Deco Style Stationery From Office Monster

I find it hard to resist beautiful stationery. It sometimes feels strange that in these days of everything being online and electronic, including our notepads, our diaries and our correspondence, I still like being able to resort to pen and paper in order to write things down. I like the orderliness of a real diary, where I can use post it notes as reminders, hoard train tickets and school letters within the pages. Just as I have never really taken to Kindles because I like the feel of a book, I love the feel of a diary. I also like making lists, so a cool or beautiful notebook is something I can never pass by, I have quite a collection just waiting for my notes, jottings and ideas.

Office Monster is a one stop shop for all of your office supplies, but you may not have realised that those supplies are not just post it notes and brightly coloured marker pans, but also includes a range of high end stationery from the likes of Castelli. Castelli is a luxury brand when it comes to notebooks, diaries and pencil sets, with soft touch covers and thicker, high quality paper edged in black and gold. Castelli items are perfect gift ideas as they come beautifully gift boxed, all packaged up in luxury paper.

I have been a fan of the brand for a long time, I have the ‘honeycomb gold notebook’ and often have this in my bag for notes and jottings, particularly when I travel and have the odd moment of inspiration. I have recently added to my collection with the stripe gold notebook and honeycomb diary, along with one the signature pencil collections – triangular in shape for much easier grip. I love the look of thes collections, both in black and gold,very Art Deco in appearance, very luxurious and elegant, and also quite reminiscent of the Tom Ford Collection for Gucci that seemed to be heavily influenced by The Great Gatsby with everything being black and gold.

Castelli notebooks and diaries are an affordable luxury and are just perfect for those who still like to keep their life organised in something tangible rather than on their smart phone. The diary in particular is great – no life goals or targets, just simply the days of each month, with a blank page opposite for notes. Totally perfect in fact.

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