Back To School DIY Homework Makeover Challenge

One of the battles that parents face is getting their children to do their homework. Once the school day is over, most children just want to put the school bag away, take off their uniform, and then forget about school until the next day. But homework is just so important, especially as it gives children a sense of independence when it comes to learning. Creating a special area within your home where you child can work could be one step towards encouraging a positive attitude towards homework.

Action Storage who create staff lockers that are perfect for adult work spaces, have been challenging bloggers to create an interesting work space for their child, one which would make your child feel happy and proud of, but would also be conducive to learning. This has collided happily with Joe moving into year 3, where he is currently working on a collaborative healthy lifestyles project that has to be done outside of school time. Although Joe is very good at practicing his reading and spellings, this is a different sort of homework, one which requires a desk and working space, and so I have created a space for Joe in my old office, which I tend not to use so much in times where I can work on my laptop in front of the telly. (I know – bad example!)

Joe’s space







The room is still a work in practice, with some boxes that still need to be moved, but Joe now has a desk space, with room for his laptop, stationary and some of his books. There is space for Joe to write, and plenty of storage boxes for all those weird and wonderful things that boys tend to collect. There are also personal memento’s – the foil picture was made by Joe’s great grandad, it was his hobby to make these but this is the only one I have. The two Winnie the Pooh watercolours were created by a friend who was a local artist, so these are very unique and special too.

Joe is really happy to have a working space now – hopefully this will be all the encouragement needed to get that homework done!